Red Ribbon Week

Assignment for Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Ribbon Team Assignment

In your team of 3, number off in 3's.

#1: Presenter #2: Documenter on Stickies #3: Wall Adder

1. Go to livebinders, Red Ribbon Tab.

2. Look at the tabs for research. (all but WallWisher tab)

3. In the time given, as a team, generate as many facts about Red Ribbon week as you can, recording each of your facts using stickies..your fact could be a fact about drug/alcohol, a drug-free slogan or a reason to stay drug free, or an image promoting healthy choices.

4. When time is called, ONE student from your team needs to stand, being prepared to share your ideas.

5. If the idea is a new idea your team needs to add that idea to our class wall at www.wallwisher/wall/

6. While you are listening to other team ideas you should be crossing off those ideas on your sticky so you will only share new ideas when it is your turn to present.