Jorden Albright

What does it mean to be safe?

Safety by definition is "the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions". Safety means that you make sure to take precautions before performing an action.

Common Injuries in the Home




4.Fire and Burns


Escape plan in situation of a fire.

My family came up with a specific plan in the situation that there was a fire, Depending on where it begins and how intense the fire may be, We agreed to go to the first room or rush to the back living room and break the glass doors or window to escape and all meet up across the street at our family-friends house.

How to prevent Identity fraud

1. Create secure passwords that can not be easily guessed.

2.Secure your SSN, Do not tell it to anybody.

3. Do not respond to online solicitors.

4. Watch out for "Over the shoulder watchers".

Prevent Identity Theft with These Top 5 Tips
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Three R's of Youth protection.

1.Recognize- Recognize the threat.

2.Resist- Resist from said threat.

3.Report- Report the situation to the closest adult you can find.