Greek & Roman Drama

Alana Martin

Greek and Roman Backround

  • The origins of Greek & Roman drama lied in religious, practices, festivals and holy days.
  • Drama developed further as poets began writing scenes for performers to act out.
  • There were two types of drama including comedy and tragedy.
  • Tragedies are plays that were serious and dealt with the suffering of heroic characters.
  • Most of the tragedies were mythological or had historical figures.
  • Comedies were humorous plays set mostly in invented situations rather than the world of myth or legends.
  • The roots of comedy lie in religious dances that included people wearing masks or disguises.
  • The Greek tragedian Sophocles ranks foremost among Greek dramatist
  • Of approximately 125 tragedies Sophocles has written he has only survived 7.
  • The people thought that he had found tragedy up in the clouds and brought them down on earth