Digital Citizen Ship

By: Jessica Degeneffe

The nine elements of digital citizen ship

1. digital access 2. digital commerce 3. digital communication literacy law 6. digital rights and responsibility 7. digital health 8. digital security 9. digital etiquette

What do the nine elements of digital citizen ship mean?

  • digital access= full electronic participation in society
  • digital commerce= buying and selling of goods
  • digital communication= electronic change of information
  • digital literacy= process of teaching and learning technology and the use of technology
  • digital law= electronic responsibility for actions and deeds
  • digital rights and responsibility= those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world
  • digital health= physical and physiological well-being in a digital world
  • digital security= electronic precautions to guarantee safety
  • digital etiquette= electronic standards of conduct or procedure

Ways to be a good digital citizen

  • be safe online
  • be nice and kind online and offline
  • help out others