Claude Monet

a famous artist


Claude Monet and was a famous artist. He was famous because everybody thought that he would never be a great artist but he proved them wrong because everybody loves his art now. He was born in Paris, France on November 14 ,1840 and he died in Paris, France on December 5, 1926. He was very passionate about art. He was especially interested in impressionism. He enjoyed painting landscapes, and scenes from nature.

Early life

When Claude Monet was a child it was very hard for him. His mother died when he was only 17. His aunt filled in for his mother and helped his father. When he was little he always drew imaginary creatures and funny pictures of his neighbors

Claude Monet's Quote

“My life has been nothing but a failure”. What Claude Monet meant was he thought he was just a shadow in the distance. He thought he was just a nobody and no one paid attention to him and just ignored him. I am an artist but my life was a failure he always thought to himself.

Claude's Obstacles

Claude Monet had a struggle. He had always wanted to be an artist. Before he could be an artist Claude Monet faced a lot of obstacles. Whenever he entered his paintings in the Salon they mostly were rejected. Also Claude's father and his aunt never encouraged him to do better in art they were always so focused on Claude to go into the grocery business. He overcame that and just kept on painting and working harder but after he died his paintings were going in the Salon. Even though people would think that Claude Monet would want this but he didn't because he never achieved his goal until after he died.