The Feda Times

Deadly Desperados


By Jack Feda

This book was full of action and adventure as this 12 year old boy is getting chased by the deadliest desperado in the Nevadabhbg District . P.K Pinkerton’s Foster parents just got killed and scalped. His mom told him to take a letter that is very valuable he is trying to get to Chicago. His uncle owns the Pinkerton Detective Agency in Chicago.
Wittlin Walt is the meanest and most terrifying desperado out there. They call him Whittlin Walt because he wittiles his victims to a slow painful DEATH. P.K. is running around the dangerous streets of Virginia City trying to find a stage coach to Chicago and trying to stay away from Walt and his gang.

The climax was when he was trapped in a mine with Walt. Walt tells P.K. that he is his father and Robert Pinkerton is not his father. But it was a lie. also when he is in disguise when running away from Walt and his partners. The resolution is when he makes a big decision to stay in Virginia City and create his own detective agency there. He is getting money for his letter and for killing Walt. P.K.’s altument goal is to get to Chicgago Will he??

Turning points

Turning Points

This Whittlin Walt after he killed P.K’s parents.
Now P.K has to get himself out of his town with a
bag that his real mom [indian] gave him.

This P.K in his indian costume trying to cash in his letter to the office [above].
also without being caught by Whitilin Walt and his gang.

This Virgina City and this is where P.K decided to live here and hold off chicago
for a little while.

Character traits

The main character, P.K. Pinkerton is a inquisitive 11 year old. He is the “double orphan” who is getting chased by a deadly desperado. I chose this word inquisitive because he wants to be a detective like his father and uncle. Also in the story he hears a Poker dealer say on page 217 “He had seen his first dad he couldn’t help the urge to ask.” He needs to know if this statement is true.

Spotlight on History

By Jack Feda

My first fact is on page 79 it says “The wanted poster in my hands showed a ugly man”. In the South these wanted posters were very popular to get criminales.

On page 68 in Deadly Desperados he takes a stage coach to Virginia City. there are no more stage coaches in modern days. The stage was drawn by horses.

In the book they have many saloons and now they just call them bars. But saloons are mostly in the South.

All of these examples talk about the South West and the spotlight on history is the settling days of the South. In these days there were many Chinese people living in the Nevada district. Also many mining companies tried to find gold and silver.

Place in time

1. In my book the town Dayton was founded. Dayton was founded in 1861.

2. There was a Pinkerton Detectives agency that was formed in 1850.

3. In the book there was a time where they talked about Mount Davidson. Mount davidson was named in 1852.

4. In the book there is a lot of mining being done in the book and mining was an ordinary job back in the settling days of the South

5. They talked about the indians and how P.K’s real mom was a indian.