Walter Mitty- Characterization

Damen Carty


Walter Mitty's characterization is defined in the story by the author's text structure.

Claim 1

Mitty lacks self-confidence in the real world. He can't talk to his wife becaise he is afraid to and he does not even recognize her because of how he is afraid. "She seemed grossly unfamiliar."
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Claim 2

Next, Walter Mitty is depressed. He is not respected by others in the real world leading to Mitty being depressed. "Hey better leave the key. Oh."
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Claim 3

Last, Walter is imaginative as he often daydreams. Walter often will get off track leading to him being in a daydream that can wind up getting him in trouble. He was daydreaming while driving his car and almost hit a buick but his wife stopped that from happening.
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The authors text structure defines Walter Mitty's character.