( The Navy )

: Kanigel Marcus :

Life In The Navy

  • Work Life
  • Living Quaters
  • Free Time
  • Safety Issues

  • They have access to everything from pickup basketball games on flight decks to baseball, basketball and hockey teams on base or individual sports like running, swimming, and golf. They’ll also find state-of-the-art fitness and workout centers no matter where they serve.

About The Navy ?

American Navy Force Is Relevant Today As Its Been Historically Significant For The Last 237 Years . By Age 40 You Can Retire From The Navy , Though Their Role Vary Greatly They Together Serve A Common Purpose.

5 Facts About The Navy

  • Navy Faces Everyday Challenges .
  • American Navy Can Give You The Edge You Need .
  • American Navy Is Always On Call .
  • The Navy Will Take You Places Others Only Dream .
  • Business Demands Order . And Order Is What You'll Get In Americans Navy .