Retts Syndrome

By: Nikeya Arrossa


- Usually only seen in girls

- Girls with Retts syndrome need therapy to help with movement and communication

- Causes loss of speech and hand movement

- Diagnosis is based on a person meeting a set of symptoms

- A genetic test can also conform diagnosis

- Must have a period of regression during first 5 years of life

- Treated with physical therapy, horse back riding, music therapy, or hydrotherapy.

- Children with Retts communicate with touch, pictures and letters, word boards, eye gaze, and voice output devices

-Development appears to be normal until the age of 6-18 months

- In Australia, Retts syndrome affects 1 in 9000 females


I learned that Retts syndrome was a problem for mostly females and I had never heard of Retts syndrome before so I learned that a lot of females suffer from this and that it affects their hand movement and speech. It must be hard dealing with Retts or having a daughter with this syndrome, but they have many different therapies and new technology to help make it better to deal with.