watersheds and wetlands

Suhaan and Grace

What watersheds and wetlands are

Wetlands: it is land that is land that is wet.

Watersheds: talks about runoffs taking pollution into wetlands.

Vocabulary Words

Watershed:A watershed is an area of land that water flows over to reach a purticular body of water.

Wetland:A wetland is an area of land that is covered by water all or part of the time.

Sediment:Sediments are small pieces of rock and other materials as runoff moves over land it can carry sediments to bodies of water.


What is a wetland?

(A) watershed

(B) it goes to the wetland and gets polluted

(C) a wetland is an area of water

What is a watershed

(A) it is when runoffs have pollution in them


Designing a Fair Experiment

In a scientific experiment you can't have to many or to less variables.

Collecting Data

To remember your data you can make a data table or a graph.

Drawing Conclusions

Once you have figured out your answer you need to draw or write a conclusion.

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Data Definition: Data are pieces of information
Investigation Definition: An investigation is a careful study used to answer a scientific question

Experiment Definition: In an experiment, you change a condition and observe the effects of the change

Variable Definition: A variable is the condition you change in an experiment

Conclusion Definition: A conclusion is an answer to a scientific question


1. Which question could someone answer with a scientific investigation?
a. Are trees prettier than grass?
b. Does pizza taste better than salad?
c. Does corn grow faster than soybeans?
d. Is it more fun to swim in a lake or an ocean?

2. A student observes the changes in ocean water next to a dock over time. What is the best way for the student to record his observations?
a. writing a story
b. drawing a graph
c. taking on photograph
d. speaking to his class

Use the table below to answer question 3.

3. A student did an experiment to learn which brand of paper towels can soak up the most liquid. He asked this scientific question: Do thicker paper towels soak up more water than thinner paper towels? The table above shows his results. Which conclusion do the data best support?
a. Thicker towels soak up the most water.
b. Thin towels soak up more water than thick towels.
c. You cannot tell how much water a towel will soak up based on its thickness
d. You can tell how much water a towel will soak up based on thickness

Use the table bellow to answer question 4