Instant Fame!

Jesus Ramos, Feb 2, 2015.


The article talks about Alex getting famous from one day to another, a teenager from England took a picture of him saying, "YOOOO." She posted the picture on twitter and within minutes Alex became famous. He noticed his line got bigger and bigger with a bunch of teenagers so his manager moved him to the back. Alex talks in the article about how he's not used to being famous from one day to another. The article also adds how becoming famous takes less than a day in social media, and how it gets easier and easier to become famous instantly.

Supporting details

  • "Within minutes, the image went viral. Shorty after, the hashtag #AlexFromTarget became a trending topic on twitter."
  • "He had more than 100,000 followers by the time he got home from work."
  • "Alex has since been offered advertising deals and sponsorships; he's attracted the attention of celebrity agents. "
  • "Internet users decide who and what becomes famous."

Real-World application

  • Justin Bieber becoming famous by Youtube.
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Could Instantgram Be The Secret To Instant Fame ?