English I Honors Poetry Project

Candice Gregory

By: Jane Kenyon

I got out of bed (A)
on two strong legs. (B)
It might have been (C)
otherwise. I ate (D)
cereal, sweet (E)
milk, ripe, flawless (F)
peach. It might (G)
have been otherwise. (H)
I took the dog uphill (I)
to the birch wood. (J)
All morning I did (K)
the work I love. (L)

At noon I lay down (M)
with my mate. It might (N)
have been otherwise. (O)
We ate dinner together (P)
at a table with silver (Q)
candlesticks. It might (R)
have been otherwise. (S)
I slept in a bed (T)
in a room with paintings (U)
on the walls, and (V)
planned another day (W)
just like this day. (X)
But one day, I know, (Y)
it will be otherwise. (Z)


"Otherwise" has an Aprreciative tone. Jane Kenyon talks about a day but describes it in such a way that it seems almost perfect. Not only does she make the day seem amazing, she also puts in that the day could have been far worse with her repetition of the word "otherwise."


The theme of "Otherwise" is to Appreicate what life brings. Kenyon tells about a perfect day and describes every litttle detail from sunrise to sunset. By the end of the poem the reader inidicates that Kenyon is Apreciating life and what it has to offer because one day it might not be there for her to have.

By: Julie Hebert

A day will come in every life, (A)
When appreciation is rendered. (B)
And this should be taken seriously, (C)
And given with love and tender. (B)

Anyone who deserves appreciation, (D)
Must have done something great. (E)
So share with them the way you feel, (F)
And always treat them right. (G)

But keep in mind that appreciation, (H)
Should be given again and again. (I)
If you truly appreciate, (J)
You'll remind them how great they've been. (I)

Do something special to thank the ones, (K)

Who've made a difference to you. (L)

But dont forget to thank them again. (M)

For everything they do. (L)


"A day will come" has a thankful tone. Julie Hebert is speaking of a person who has given her Appreciation and the love she has wanted; and now she is thanking them. Hebert is expressing the gratitude for this person for being in her life.


The theme of "A day will come" is to remember to give thanks for the people who have shown you appreciation and love. BY the end of the poem Hebert is expressing that everyone should be treated equally and given the same amount of appreiation and respect.