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April Edition


April 15: Second Deposit of $500 for NatStuco Conference due

May 10: BLAST! Summer Camp 2019 Registration Closes

May 15: Final Deposit of $500 for NatStuco Conference due

June 24-26: NatStuco Conference 2019 in McDonough, PA

July 17-20: BLAST! Summer Camp 2019 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, GA


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BLAST 2019

Wednesday, July 17th, 2pm to Saturday, July 20th, 12pm

350 Rock Eagle Road

Eatonton, GA

GASC is the proud host of the annual BLAST! Summer Camp at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center. BLAST stands for Bringing Leaders And Students Together and each year, the camp does just that. Student leaders from around the state gather for three days to build relations and mature as leaders. Each camper leaves BLAST as a new and improved leader, ready to take what they learned back to their communities to make a difference.

Our brand-new BLAST! website has everything you need to know about this incredible camp and more!

Registration has just opened! To register your students, click on the button below.

To look back on last year's BLAST! camp, watch our recap video below!

Be sure to check out the BLAST! website by clicking the button to answer any questions you may have!.

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National StuCo Conference 2019

Monday, June 24th, 7:45am to Wednesday, June 26th, 12pm

3640 Old Oakdale Road

McDonald, PA

The 2019 National Student Council Conference will be hosted by South Fayette High Schoolin McDonald, PA, June 24–26 where middle level and high school student leaders and advisors from across the country will convene for this motivational three-day event.

The theme, Forging Student Leaders, is designed to light the fire within students, advisors, and administrators as they connect with their peers and discover new ways to enhance their leadership abilities.

Throughout the three days, delegates will hear from renowned speakers, participate in lively seminars, engage in collaborative activities, and build relations with leaders from all corners of the US.

Registration is LIVE!

To register, please email Mrs. Droms. This will allow all Georgia delegates to register together.

The total cost will be $1500.This will include registration, airfare, hotel, and pre-trip experiences. Payments of $500 are due March 15th, April 15th, and May 15th.


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Our State Service Project- Bert's Big Adventure

As apart of the 2019-2020 GASC year, the GASC Board has decided to continue supporting "Bert's Big Adventure" for our state service project.

This year, we encourage each council to fundraise at least $500 for Bert's Big Adventure. If the 36 schools that attended the GASC Convention each raise $500, GASC will have raised $18,000 for Bert's!

These are the programs you would be helping if your council raised money for Bert's Big Adventure:

  • The Trip Program provides a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. Children get to experience once in a lifetime opportunities ranging from limo rides and chartered flights to princess makeovers and character-filled parties. A Bert's liaison accompanies the family for a truly magical experience.

  • For returning families, Bert's hosts Reunion Adventure Programs, with the hope to strengthen the community established from the previous trip. These trips, known as family reunions, allow for intimate time away from doctor visits and hospital stays.

  • The Fairy Godparent Volunteer Program supports the organization's families when a Bert's Big Adventure child is admitted to a partner hospital. The Fairy Godparent volunteers visit the children daily and provide magical moments during a trying time.


Have a service project that you would like to share with GASC? We want to know! Fill out the link below so we can highlight your service project in the GASC Gazette!


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A new GASC year full of more memorable leadership experiences awaits us! Renew your membership and pay your dues now to remain a member throughout the 2019-2020 School Year. It doesn't just stop with your school's membership! Encourage schools in your area to join this incredible organization by Hugging a School.

Schools who renew their GASC membership by April 15 will be entered in the lottery for a free registration of one delegate at the GASC Convention!

Sign up now by clicking the button below!



Meet your GASC executive board members!

This month our spotlight is on your very own secretary school! We want to go ahead and introduce ourselves since you'll be hearing from us throughout the year.


Position: Secretary

School: North Gwinnett High School

Grade 2019-2020: 12th

Life Motto: Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody!

When she's not doing things for StuCo, Kendall loves to dance, sing, and pet her dog (you can follow him on Instagram @kahunathechocolatelab). She also volunteers with middle schoolers at her church, which she loves. Kendall's favorite Student Council memory is BLAST camp! "This summer will be my fifth year attending BLAST! I love making new friends and adding to my memories. I wouldn't have met some of my best friends if not for BLAST! This year I'm also getting the opportunity to intern for BLAST with camp director Ms. Holly Shih! I'm so excited to learn even more from her about leadership," Kendall says.


Position: Secretary

School: North Gwinnett High School

Grade 2019-2020: 11th

Life Motto: Work for a cause, not an applause.

Kareena is a Maryland baby, born at the first snowfall of Olney in 2003. She loves to listen to music, hike, and watch movies. Her favorite food is chocolate covered strawberries! If she had all the money in the world, she would spend it on traveling. Kareena's favorite Student Council memory was her first GASC Convention in 2015, "My favorite Student Council memory was attending my first GASC Convention in 6th grade. It was an experience unlike anything I had ever been to before. I was inspired by so many people, including A'ric Jackson, whose keynote speech I remember till this day." Kareena hopes that everyone attends Convention, because she believes it was fundamental to the building of her character.



As April and May are approaching, many schools are holding elections for the 2019-2020 school year. If this is you, here are some tips and tricks to ensure a successful campaign!

When deciding if you want to run for a position, think about why you want to run. Your inspiration should be based on bringing positive change to your school and representing the wants & needs of your class. Come up with solutions to the problems you see at your school! Use these solutions as the drive for your campaign.

TIPS FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN: Advertise, advertise, advertise! Get your name out there and show your passion for Student Council.

Advertising: Post virtual flyers all over your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! Get your friends to post too, as it will get the word out about your campaign. Don't worry about posting too much; it lets people know you are serious about running! If your school allows, put up flyers in the hallways.

  • TIP: Make your flyers interesting and catchy! Know your audience. Nowadays, memes and vines are popular, so putting them on your flyers will get people to laugh!

Slogan: Coming up with a catchy slogan will help your name stick in people's minds. Something small would work just fine! Just like your flyers, using memes and vines is a great way to get extra votes. (Ex. "You want something done? I am the one" "Whale you vote for Sally? She's dolphinately the right choice")

Know What You Want to Do if Elected: People want to hear what you will implement as a class officer! Come up with ideas and base them upon the desires of the student body. Ultimately, you are representing them.

Public Speaking: Many schools may require you to give a speech. Write your speech in advance and practice as much as you can! Sit down your dog and give the speech, or practice in the mirror. Before you present, get a second opinion; a parent/friend will do the trick.When you actually present, stay calm and speak slow! Don't rush your words, and use passion in your voice.

Stay True to Yourself: Don't try to be someone that you are not; stay true to yourself! People will like the way you are, because you will be the most comfortable as yourself. Exemplify your character in anything you do.


Don't stress and have fun! Fight a fair fight... everything happens for a reason!



Do you have an amazing advisor who deserves some recognition? Fill out the form below to nominate them for Advisor of the Month!

Advisors who are chosen for Advisor of the Month will also be recognized at our annual convention.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY your GASC secretary school, North gwinnett hs

Instagram: @georgiastuco

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