Big Island Rondevouzs



This is when I went to Big Island Rendezvous

This morning I was so excited , it was the day when we went to big island and I could not wait until we were there .It was going to be an amazing day I could feel it when I got on the bus to go to school I felt even closer to big island and I couldn’t feel my toes. also my mom was coming to big island too she couldn’t wait either.When I got on the bus to go to Big Island I was overjoyed then my teacher said the whole bus drive took 30 mins then she announced that we could play electronics on the bus but not while we were there at Big Island so when I got on the bus I sat in a one seater next to Ella , Posa and Adrianna too they traded ipods with me then when we got to Big Island I was as even more overjoyed than before

Then we went to see a girl fire a native american gun, and it looked so cool but my teacher was worried. It shot funny and when she went to look at the gun, she looked right down the firing hole and she told us not to do that exact thing. My teacher almost screamed because it was so dangerous and unsmart

Also we went to this one station and they told us a story that was nonfiction and she was reenacting it as she told it . The story was about a boy named Say and a boy named Pink and they were fighting in the war together when they fought in the war Pink save Say pink the story was called Say and Pink.

Then we went to a different station and they taught us how to make string with fur and other materials like silk cocoons and buffalo fur and also sheep wool. Then she let us try preparing it and spinning it .

Then came my most favorite station it was lunch for lunch I had a lunchable from target it was very good then after we had a fresh strawberry funnel cake it was delicious it hit the spot . Then it was shopping time and I got a crystal and some birth stones they were called bloodstone it looked pretty.

Then we met up with Mrs. Marreel and the rest of the class for the next station it was one called two tails
weaving I got one of their weaving methods called stick weaving when I started I could not stop.

Then was my favorite station it was one where we could paint rags like the indians. And I painted flowers on mine with a feather and ink

The last station was a scottish dance on and I learned part of the popular dance from scotland it was an interesting dance and I will never forget that

amazing field trip.

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