Monthly Incentives, Shoutouts, News & Advice - April 2016

Spring has SPRUNG, and you guys are feeling it. I mean, March didn't stand a chance! What are you running for this month? A promotion? A record PSQV? Get in touch with your direct and set up time for a quick Power Shot Call and together a plan for April.



Beat your last month's PSQV by 20%! If you exceed March's numbers by a minimum of 20% (or hit 600 PSQV for the first time), you'll automatically be entered into a raffle for $50. I also encourage you to aim for the 10 and 2 Club (10 PC orders and 2 new Cs). Should you win the raffle, and you were a "member" of BOTH clubs, you'll also earn yourself a 30 minute strategy session with the one and only Kristen Ariza and myself!
Congrats to Kristin L. for winning my March Incentive! Kristin flew out of the gates in her first month adding SEVEN new PCs and flying by her first promotion to Executive Consultant which snagged her 15 points for 15 entries in the raffle! Congrats, mama. You've got FIFTY BUCKS coming your way.


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Los Angeles Happy Hour

I'm co-hosting a happy hour in the Eagle Rock area on Thursday, April 14th with the lovely Tania Verafield, who is part of Level V Leader Deb Puette's "Kind Soldiers" army. If you are local, please make a point to come! If you can't attend or don't live in Los Angeles, please feel free to invite away and we will help close your prospects! This is going to be a smaller, more 1-on-1 event as opposed to the big Corporate backed biz opps that have been happening the past few months.

Sidebar: Meeting other people under the wider umbrella of the Cannon & Cunningham Crew can be vital to growing your business. Tania and I met at the 2014 C&C Leadership Retreat and formed an instant bond. While we have no direct effect on one another's paychecks, we like to keep each other on our toes!

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Mark Your Calendars

Corporate has a big announcement to make, and while we don't know exactly what it is, we have a pretty good idea! Last month Dr. Katie Rodan let it slip during a speech at Tulane University that Rodan + Fields is now the NUMBER TWO premium skincare company in the United States. Who's #1? Who did we jump in the ranks? Is this really what they'll be announcing?! I don't know, I don't know, and I don't know. Haha. But whatever the news is, use it to your advantage to help grow your business! If you aren't sure what the best approach is in sharing the reveal, reach out to your direct.

Wait, There's More!

  • Convention dates were pushed back a tad. Early registration for returning C's begins April 4th at the discounted rate of $325. Standard registration for everyone else will open April 14th at the price of $375. Don't forget, this year's Convention is October 6-9 in Las Vegas, NV and I hope to see you there!
  • Per a very cryptic post from Elizabeth Guess (in our upline, leader of Guess Group), sometime in the near future the Macro Exfoliator will no longer be available for purchase. Possibly forever?!! I don't know when, I don't know why. Corporate is full of surprises these days, eh? UGH. Haha. All I can tell you is if you feel comfortable, let your PC's know so that they can get their hands on it now should they like. DO NOT POST ON FACEBOOK ABOUT THIS. Ask your direct if you have any questions, but please be aware they probably don't know much more than you do!


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If I knew then what I know now.

I'm sure we've all said this at one time or another in our lives, right? Perhaps in regard to a relationship that went past it's expiration date, or a job that demanded too much and provided too little. This business is no exception. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Skyrocketing to the top of the company in 6 months with a team of 20,000 in tow isn't the norm. There are bumps and bruises along the way, but guess what? We've all been there.

There have been a handful of times where I thought I wanted to quit, or that I wasn't cut out for this business. Looking back now, I'd like to slap my former self! If I could go back in time, here are a few things I would tell me on day one of my R+F journey:

  • Don't be afraid to fail. The only wail you can fail is if you quit.
  • No matter how crazy you think your questions or ideas are, someone else is likely thinking the same thing, so spit it out!
  • Your voice is the most powerful tool you have. It is the thing that defines you as a leader.
  • Always remember that your team believes in you, even when you don't believe in yourself. No matter what goal you are trying to reach, someone will always be there to help you if you fall.
  • Contribute to the team! The whole really is more than the sum of its parts.
  • Take satisfaction from your own efforts, but always acknowledge the contributions of those whose shoulders you stand on.

And above all, remember nothing changes if nothing changes.



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