Trip Around Georgia !!!!!!!

Come on!! This is an awesome trip!!

Wouldn't it be great if you could go on a 7 day trip around an amazing state without having to plan it yourself? Well you can! We have planned and set up a week long trip around Georgia, just so you don't have to !!!

Day 1

On Monday we will be leaving from Tattnall County, Georgia and head to Lowndes County, Georgia were we will visit Wild Adventures!! Fun Fact: Rides were added to the park in 1998. Tickets to enter the park are $46.

Day 2

From Lowndes we will leave and go to the Atlanta Zoo in Fulton County, Georgia. The Atlanta Zoo was first opened in 1889. :) Tickets to enter the zoo are 43.99 which includes lunch and admission.

Day 3

We will stay in Fulton County overnight and go to Six Flags located between Douglass County, Georgia and Cobb County, Georgia on Wednesday morning. Six Flags was opened in 1967. Six Flags tickets cost $52.99.

Day 4

From Atlanta we will leave and head to White County, Georgia. There will visit Sautee Nacoochee Center. In 2004 an antebellum slave cabin was donated to the museum. Free!!!!!

Day 5

On Friday morning we will leave White County and head for Chattoga County, Georgia. In Chattoga we will visit Taylor Ridge. Taylor Ridge's high point is 1,432 feet. Free!!!!

Day 6

When we leave from Chattoga County we will find our way to Dade County, Georgia, were we will visit our last destination, Cloudland Canyon State Park. Cloudland Canyon State Park is over 3,485 acres. Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 7

We will head home :) !!!!!

Trip Cost

The cost of the trip will be $643.98.