Nate Klug

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Nate Klug

Klug was born in Minnesota and grew up in Wellesley Massachusetts. His mother, a poet, greatly affected his writing style. After high school, Klug earned a BA in English at the University of Chicago and a Masters from Yale Divinity School. He is the author of Rude Woods, an adaptation of Virgil's Eclogues as well as many poems, including "Advent", "Squirrels", and "Dare". In 2010, Klug was awarded a Ruth Lilly Fellowship by th Poetry Foundation.


Something blurred, warmed

in the eye’s corner, like woodsmoke

becoming tears;

but when you turned to look

the stoop was still, the pumpkin

and tacky mum pot wouldn’t talk —

just a rattle

at the gutter and a sense

of curtains, somewhere, pulled.

Five of them later, scarfing the oak’s

black bole,

laying a dream of snakes.

Needy and reticent

at once, these squirrels in charred November

recall, in Virgil,

what it is to feel:

moods, half-moods,

swarming, then darting loose; obscure

hunches that refuse

to speak, but still expect

in some flash of luck

to be revealed. The less you try

to notice them,

the more they will know of you.


  • scarfing- to eat rapidly
  • bole- the trunk of a tree
  • reticent- not revealing one's thoughts readily
  • Virgil- one of Rome's best poets; Klug often writes of Virgil
  • obscure- not known about; uncertain

My Interpretation

Things that remain hidden have importance. You have to actively seek them out to interpret them.

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