“Water? There was plenty, close at hand, in the houses, in the yards, but they were forbidden to break the ranks” (Wiesel 25)

The Nazis lack so much compassion to not allow the children to get water because of they didn’t want to “break the ranks”. This is aggravating and it just shows how little sympathy they have for Jews.

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“After two days of traveling, we began to be tortured by the thirst. Then the heat became unbearable” (Wiesel 18).

This further explains how much suffering the Jews, like Wiesel, faced in the Holocaust. They were put in cattle cars in the middle of the summer. Tiny amounts of food, drops of water, nothing but what you carried on your back. The Nazis supplies nothing but the guns pointed at their heads!!!
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“We could stand it no longer. Some of the young men forced her to sit down, tied her up, and put a gag in her mouth. Silence again. The little boy sat down by his mother, crying” (Wiesel 19-20).

Even their own people were cruel to each other. Some people blamed the heat and dehydration, others thought it just panic and being scared. Never the less they beat this lady in front of her son. No mercy. Tie her down, she gets out. Hit her until she passes out, she wakes up. Put a gag in her mouth, she spits it out. A continuous cycle of outright beatings. You thought the Nazis were bad, but the Jews, her people, neighbors, friends, KIN beating her because she is trying to warn them of something soon in store for them. There is no excuse for such behavior.
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“Here there is no fathers, no brothers, no friends. Everyone lives and dies for himself alone. I’ll give you a sound piece of advice -don’t give your ration of bread to your old father. There’s nothing you can do for him. And you’re killing yourself. Instead, you ought to be having his ration’ I listened to him without interrupting him” (Wiesel 80).

This is absolutely sickening. The Nazi wants Wiesel to take his sick, dying, helpless, father's food and not to care for him anymore. This man thinks that he is helping Eliezer when he tells him that his father doesn't matter there. That he is only killing himself by helping his father. Just to let go of the thing that was keeping him together, the only thing that reminds him of home, the only one he could ever trust there. Worst of all he says that everyone is alone, but that is not true. If only they stuck together and helped each other would they truly have even a fighting chance at rebelling against the Nazis. To not be condemned to the rotting pits of the underworld by only thinking of yourself. By being willing to kill for a small piece of bread or an extra serving of soup.
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