by: Frank Doci

info on WINDS!

  • natural movement of the air in the form of a current and air blowing from a particular direction.
  • Wind is caused by unequal heating of Earth's surface


  • Local winds are small scale convective
  • local winds are created by unequal heating of Earth's surface
  • sea breezes blow from the sea to the land, the air over the land heats up and rises and the cool air over the water takes its place
  • land breezes happen in night and blows from the land to the sea just like sea breezes but the opposite
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  • Global winds are winds that travel over a large area
  • Global winds are created by the large convection currents to the equator and back to the poles
  • The horse latitudes are very calm areas between the convection currents at 30 degrees north or south
  • Trade winds are winds that blow to the equator from the poles it is called trade winds because they are mostly used for trading
  • Jet streams are winds that flow from west to east and planes fly in the jet streams to go faster
  • Polar easterlies are cold winds that blow from the poles
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