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March 28, 2022

Important Dates

March 18-27 Sloat Garden Center Give Back

March 28 Hoedown Tickets On Sale Now

March 29 School Site Council Virtual Meeting, 3PM - AGENDA

March 29 Hippy Club Meeting

March 30 Recycling School Assembly

March 30 PTA Parent Ed Night - A Discussion on Implicit Biases, Virtual 6:30PM

March 30 Restaurant Giveback California Pizza Kitchen

March 31 Alamo Student Leadership Meeting

April 4-8 Spring Break

April 12 Street Smarts Assembly

April 15 Summer School Registration Closes

April 16 Last Day to Purchase Yearbooks

April 22 PTA Alamo School Hoedown and Spring Carnival, 5-8:30PM

April 24 Alamo School Earth Day Clean Up

April 26 School Site Council Virtual Meeting, 3PM - AGENDA

April 27 PTA General Association Meeting, Virtual 6:30PM

May 19 Open House, 6-7PM

May 21 Bocce, Bubbles, and BBQ!

June 2 Last Day of School, Minimum Day

June 15-July 13 District Summer School (no school 6/20 & 7/4)

August 10 First Day of School (date changed)

2021-22 REVISED BOD Approved 11/16 SRVUSD Instructional Calendar

2021-22 Bell Schedules

YMCA Summer Programs


Summer School Registration Open for Everyone

Shout Out!

Ms. Angle and Alamo Band

Thank you, Ms. Angle and congratulations to our Alamo Band musicians for their wonderful performance at the Monte Vista Area Band Festival. It was great that the students could all play together this year.

Many thanks to Eunice Chan and Lauren Brosnan for driving our students from the rehearsal at Los Cerros back to Alamo!

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Michelle Parkinson!

Thank you for chairing the Talent Show Committee! Your vision created an experience beyond expectations.

Starstruck Talent Show!

STARSTRUCK @ ALAMO Talent Show 2022 was a beautiful & festive evening enjoying the creativity, coordination, wittiness, and musically inclined talent amongst Alamo School students. We hope your children are still talking about the fun they had and the memories that will last a lifetime. : )

We could not have put on this special production without the help of all of YOU, the amazing volunteers. Every single one of you pitched in to make this event so special for your kids and their school, we all appreciate you.

Special thank you's go out to our volunteers who stepped up to big roles -

Backdrop Designer and Creator - Kate Rudick created a backdrop for the stage that embraced the Starstruck theme, yet creatively played on the artistic logo design for the show. This lite up, shiny, lightning bolt was bold and dramatic and softened by stars strung loosely surrounding the centerpiece. Thank you so much. We are also so grateful to her husband Adam Rudick, who helped to hang the show stopping backdrop. Kate's creation was the perfect backdrop for the students to be the real shining stars and to compliment all of their acts. Thank you Kate and Adam for all of your tireless work on this project. Everyone loved it.

Decoration Committee Crew - Diane Siegel, Jenique Langley, Fanny Ruffin, and Anji Kobayashi. These four amazing volunteers spent countless hours previewing the space, strategizing the perfect decorations, designing a gorgeous step and repeat area for our kids to be photographed, customized theme banners, they spent two days decorating into the evening hours to transform the hallway leading into the MPR and entry doors, the Green Room for the kids, backstage VIP entrance door, walls covered in paparazzi images, and the Alamo showcase at drop off line. This crew was so attentive to every detail, creative in their thought process, and committed to making it feel so special for every guest who attended. In addition, Diane Siegel wanted to make it extra special for the performers and coordinated flowers / stuffies / candies available for purchase, sold by middleschoolers Taylor Brooks, Karis Kiltz, and Niki Feiz. Her going the extra mile is so incredibly appreciated. We cannot thank all of you enough.

Stage Hands - Backstage committee Blake Forrest, Nicole DeLaTorre, Hilarie Bako, Jenny Lucchese, Spot Lights Manager Bar Mizne, Spot Light Operator Jaime DeCoite, Curtain Operators Rachel Berger, Nicole Oien, Addie VanEgdom, Juliette Parkinson without the help of you, the show could not operate. Each and every one of you assisted the student's backstage, paid close attention to the details of every act's special needs, and worked together as a team to cohesively have curtains open, lights go on and student's placed properly where they need to be. Your volunteering for these roles was such a gift to the audience and performers alike and appreciated beyond words. Thank you so much!

Music - Jen Border. We are so lucky to have had Jen's help and assistance along the way to teach us how to use the music machine, setting up the mics, bluetooth connections and so on. She consolidated a playlist we had provided to her for music between the acts ranging from intro music to intermission music and departing the MPR, she led the 5th grade act in "this little light of mine". Jen is a wealth of knowledge and so friendly while helping throughout the process. We are beyond lucky to have had DJ Border run the music for the talent show yet again. Thank you Jen.

Bistro, Fairy, and Starlights - Justin Brooks, Jeff Ross, Tony Bako, Chris Parkinson brought out their ladders and worked well into the evening hours on stringing new beautiful LED bistro lights outside for parents and students to enjoy eating under the lights at nighttime. The lights will also serve a dual purpose and be left up to be enjoyed during the hoedown as well. These dads took their ladders inside the MPR next and creatively strung fairy lights throughout and cinched them up with fishing line to swag like a circus tent of lights to create an incredible ambiance in the darkness of the show. It was spectacular! The twinkling stars, which seemed almost impossible to hang because of the height, was met with ease and a can-do attitude and resulted in framing the stage so beautifully. Thank you to these volunteers that worked hard for hours on end to make an incredible ambiance for our attendees to enjoy. Deepest thank you to Erin Brooks (and baby Dylan) who stayed late into the evening hours both Wednesday and Thursday nights for support and camaraderie of this large event, it was appreciated beyond words. Thank you!

Program - Bar Mizne, Nayela Keen, and Amy Laderer. The program looked and felt professional and was perfectly executed. We loved the addition of the QR code in order to reduce waste and provide options, while being flexible and still offering some paper programs for the nostalgia of it. Thank you program team for your attention to detail and triple checking for errors, we greatly appreciate your work on this and patience as we collected all necessary information.

The 5th Grade Act Coordinators, Emcee Manager, and Slideshow - Yael Benaroya, Nicole Rocca, Nina Voss, and Cori Phillips. The 5th graders were beaming with happiness during their emcee acts, the 5th grade dance act, and happily cheering on their fellow classmates during the slideshow. Thanks to these parent volunteers, the 5th grade students had a well choreographed dance to perform, emcee lines to entertain the audience with, and the sweet annual tradition of every 5th grade student having a side by side comparison of their kindergarten and 5th grade year photos made into a slideshow. The 5th graders were so happy and excited all night, it was a super special night for them and they all did great!

Food Trucks - Tanya Krueger was on top of the food vendors from the very beginning. She recognized the challenges of a few hundred people needing to be fed within 30 minutes while also wanting to offer many options to patrons. She not only helped to negotiate giveback percentages by these vendors but also helped to run the sales of the taco truck and hot dogs that evening. Tanya, we have so much appreciation for your hard work on all of this, thank you.

Photographers - Anita Mallott and Farigol Bineshpour, the two of you worked all night to greet our performers at the step and repeat and take many photos of them with their act and family, and photograph their performances too. We recognize the large volunteer role you took on and appreciate your capturing these special moments for every performer and family member to enjoy. Thank you both so much.

Logo Design - Tanaz Feiz, lingoluv a talented graphic design artist and former Alamo Elementary school parent designed the STARSTRUCK logo for us as a pro bono project. She creatively worked on several interpretations and styles of this logo which is carried throughout the talent show from decor, to the step and repeat, backdrop inspiration, and to the program. We are so appreciative to Tanaz for sharing her talent and gift with us.

Principal Salazar - thank you for your help in supporting this amazing event by doing everything possible to fix problems that we encountered along the way. We may have ended up with only one speaker had it not been for your help with the tech people coming out to fix it pronto. Your positive and encouraging words kept us going and we greatly appreciated it. Thank you for your sincere speech on stage the night of the show, that was extremely kind of you to share your gratitude. We are so thankful for you.

Front Office - Gayle Hughey, Bonnie Brors, Kelly Bowes you helped to keep our I's dotted and T's crossed with all of the other events at school and coordinating permits for using the MPR during our planned practice days and rehearsals. Your patience and kindness with every request over the past 6 weeks has not gone unnoticed. Helping us to secure a custodian for the talent show, technician for last minute curtain cord repairing, a technician for music that suddenly would no longer play 24 hours before the show, and adding marque messages for us. You all put your work aside when talent show needed your help and we are extremely grateful to you. Thank you.

Music teachers - Ms. Rauum and Ms. Angle thank you for allowing us to take over your classroom, the music room, for well over a month. Your kindness and patience with us was sincerely appreciated. We appreciate all of the accommodating you had to do in order to make it easier for us and the talent show be possible. Thank you.

Talent Show Committee - Hilarie Bako, Jennifer Lucchese, Nicole DeLaTorre the three of you were my lifelines and teammates throughout this entire process no matter what came our way. You all were 110% in and always there when a need came up and none of you hesitated to help. Each of you brought so many unique strengths to this committee whether it be IT spreadsheets, financial knowledge, organization, music burning, remembering to tie up loose ends from practices, good note taking, multitasking, timing and stay on task, communications, the list of skills is endless and makes the three of you the perfect team to partner with for a smooth and effectively run talent show. The night of the show all three of you continued to simultaneously fill in gaps where needed without even being asked. Thank you for being there with me along every step of the process, I am so grateful and appreciative for each of you. This talent show would not have happened with all of your help. Thank you!!!


* If your volunteer job incurred Talent Show expenses, please use the reimbursement form in the PTA box or contact Nicole DeLaTorre with questions at

* Be on the lookout for a digital video link for purchase of the event and photos of your performers too.

The Talent Show Committee

Michelle Parkinson

Hilarie Bako

Jennifer Lucchese

Nicole DeLaTorre

PTA/Ed Fund


A huge kudos to the talent show committee and all the wonderful parents who volunteered to make it happen! What an amazing talent show!!!!

Hoedown tickets are on sale now!!!! Don’t miss this family favorite! And for a limited time only, get a Hoedown t-shirt!!! See the flyer below.

Proposed 2022-23 PTA Slate Thank you to our nominating committee for submitting the slate of candidates to the Alamo PTA Board to be voted in for the 2022-2023 school year! And thank you to these parents who stepped up to keep the PTA strong at Alamo:

President: Bahaar Sidhu

EVP: Hilarie Bako

Secretary: Diane Siegel

Treasurer: Nicole Delatorre

Auditor: Lydia Awad

Other opportunities are still available and more positions need to be filled. Please join our April 27 General Association meeting to learn more!

Yearbooks are on sale now and we need your pics! Any Alamo families wishing to contribute to yearbook picture taking this year can snap pics at every Alamo School event, and share them via, School Code AlamoYB. Please remember to include event names and a brief description so our yearbook chair can organize them appropriately. The last day to purchase yearbooks is April 16. If you still need to purchase a 2021/22 Yearbook, you can do so at, School Code 12361. For 5th grade families, you can purchase a personalized message with pics to your graduating 5th grader for an additional $25. Please email or with any questions.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We need your help at lunchtime! Alamo needs your help in making sure our kids are having a fun, friendly, and well-supervised lunch recess. Volunteering for yard duty is a great way for your child to see you helping out at school, and a great way for you to see them in their element. Please consider giving less than an hour of your day by signing up here.

April 22 - Hoedown Volunteers Needed! We need your help for this Alamo favorite!!! Sign up here:

Upcoming Events

March 30, 6:30pm via zoom: Alamo School Parent Education Event- A Discussion on Bias featuring Hong Nyguen, Director of Equity SRVUSD. Register in advance for this meeting HERE. See the flyer below for more information.

April 22: Alamo School Hoedown and Spring Carnival!!! Email or for more information or to get involved!

April 24, 9am - 12noon: Alamo School Earth Day Clean Up

April 27, 6:30pm via Zoom: PTA General Association meeting. Zoom details to come

Thank you,

Michelle Petersen and Nicole Rocca
Alamo Elementary PTA

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The First of Its Kind Career Fair

This is a special project career fair for our district that focuses on vocational education. The fair is scheduled for April 14, 4 pm-7 pm at SRVHS. This fair is intended to provide opportunities to those students for whom a four-year education may not be the best fit and broaden their horizons on what may be possible. The website currently contains just a snippet of the employers attending. It's a long (and impressive!) list and continues to grow by the day.

Education Fund

Congratulations to the PTA on an amazing Talent Show! It is a busy time of year at our school-these last few months will go by quickly. Be sure to read through this newsletter so you don’t miss out on important information. The Ed Fund and PTA both have big events coming up that you don’t want to miss! We wish everyone a fun and safe Spring Break!

Thinkworks Spring Session: Did you see that there is one last ThinkWorks session this year? Registration is open! Visit this link for class descriptions and registration sites for each class to sign up ASAP.

Restaurant Giveback Clarification: Our next Dine and Donate event is at California Pizza Kitchen in Walnut Creek on March 30th, which is Wednesday. Sorry for the day/date confusion. CPK will donate 20% of food and beverage sales to Alamo School. Show the flyer or mention Alamo Elementary Education Fund. Purchases include dine-in, take-out, catering, and online orders at when you enter BACK20% at checkout. The offer is NOT valid for 3rd party delivery orders such as Doordash, Grubhub or UberEats.

Live auction tickets: Tickets for “Bocce, Bubbles and BBQ” will go on sale when we return from Spring Break. We will sell early bird tickets for $95/each through April 24th and then the price goes up! Ticket price includes a glass of sparkling wine, hand-passed appetizers, full BBQ buffet, dessert, Bocce Tournament (limited spots available), free photo booth, and access to unique silent and live auction items. See this new informational flyer for more details and don’t miss out!

Many thanks to our corporate sponsors who pledged their support to Alamo’s live auction fundraiser. Over the next several weeks we will be highlighting them in the Mustang News and on our social media channels! First up is our Supporter level Sponsor, Cuenin Orthodontics! Dr. Robert Cuenin’s profession as an orthodontist has allowed him to provide the highest level of care for members of the Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, and Blackhawk communities for the past 25 years. This inspiration persists through his ongoing pride in the satisfying results that he and his loyal staff deliver each day. Whether Dr. Cuenin's patients are young or just young at heart, he looks forward to working and building relationships with them that last as long as their smiles. Thank you, Dr. Cuenin for your support of the Alamo Ed Fund!

Proposed 2022-23 Ed Fund Slate & Opportunities to Join the Board: In the month of April, the Nominating Committee submits the slate of candidates to the Alamo Ed Fund Board to be voted in for the 2022-2023 school year. It takes many hands to continue to raise enough money to support all the great programs we have here at Alamo School. For the proposed slate, please see below. If you are interested, or want to learn more about our open positions, please fill out this Google form or email and we will be in touch! Thank you for your consideration.

Alamo Ed Fund Slate 2022-2023:

President: Lauren Cymerys

Vice President: Kelly Bowes

Treasurer: Blake Forrest

Recording Secretary: Meredith Maffeo

Assistant Treasurer: Farigol Bineshpour

Corresponding Secretary: Joann Yang

Annual Giving Campaign Director: Kelly Bowes

Deputy Annual Giving Director: OPEN

Parliamentarian: OPEN

Auditor: Joel Feldman

Technical Programming & Website Director: Bar Mizne

Corporate Matching Director: Alicia Allyn

Marketing Communications Director: Rachel Miegel

Social Chair: OPEN

Live Auction Chair: OPEN

Silent and Live Auction Committee: JOIN TODAY

Online Silent Auction Chair: OPEN

Graphic Designer/Promotions: OPEN

Social Media Director: Bridget Williams

ThinkWorks Director: Alyson Campbell

SRVEF Affiliate Liaison: Kelly Bowes

Corporate Sponsorship Director: OPEN

Teacher for a Day/Teacher Treats Director: Laura Prentiss

Retail Director: OPEN

Restaurant Giveback Director: Sara Welch

Kinder/TK Rep: Colleen Lopez

Donors Choose Director: OPEN

Registration Coordinator: OPEN

Run for Ed: Michelle Parkinson

Square One Art/KCA liaison: OPEN

Amazon Wish List Director: Sabrina Hansen

Site Council Rep: OPEN

Principal: Monina Salazar

Teacher Rep: OPEN

Retail: We earned $87.29 from the Five Little Monkeys giveback-thanks for shopping! Our 2021 Q4 Amazon Smile total was $413.98-our highest total yet! Thanks for helping us earn “free money.”

Good Eggs Promo Code: We appreciate our Alamo families who alerted us to another retail opportunity! Good Eggs delivers absurdly fresh groceries straight to your door and will offer Alamo 5% back on orders using code goodeggsforalamo. Check out their website and have fun grocery shopping!

Farm Fresh to You: We currently have 5 supporters using our promo code who have earned almost $40 so far this quarter. Imagine what a few more participants could earn! Use promo code ALAMO to send 10% of every delivery back to the Ed Fund! Anyone in their delivery area (most of CA) can use the code, so share with family and friends. View this flyer, or check out their website to add in the promo code. New and existing members can also apply the promo code MAR22PERK2 to their accounts to get an extra $15 off their next order (valid only in March).

GrowFit Camps: GrowFit Multi-Sports Day Camp at East Bay Sports will donate 10% of every Spring or Summer camp purchase when you use the discount code ALAMO2022 at checkout. See here for details.

Sports Basement: It’s time for spring skiing and youth sports seasons! If you shop at Sports Basement and join their Basementeer program, you receive 10% off your order and 10% goes back to the charity of your choice. Select “Alamo Elementary-Alamo-SRVEF” to benefit the Alamo Education Fund!

Amazon Wish Lists: Don’t forget to check out our Amazon Wish List for items our teachers would like in their classrooms.

Lauren Cymerys
Ed Fund President

Click the button below to sign up for Homework Club!

Upcoming Religious Observances

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SRVUSD Board Of Education

Board meetings are typically held twice each month on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the SRVUSD Education Center located at 699 Old Orchard Drive in Danville. All meetings are open to the public. Board Meetings are live-streamed on the District's YouTube channel: SRVUSD Board

Board Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Audio & Video)

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