The DeLaPaz Dazzler

January 15, 2016


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Weekly Updates

This week we read a myth/legend about our sky. We worked on literary elements along with inferrencing. In grammar we worked on main and helping verbs. This can be a bit tricky to understand. In social studies we started our region unit. The students will be tested on the 50 states at the end so I have assigned for them to listen to the 50 Nifty United States to help learn the names first! In math we finished our unit on decimals. Next week we will do geometry using the Pearson math program. You won't see homelinks, but instead they will complete assignments on their Chromebooks or a worksheets. It looks different but it will be very good for the students!


In art we are drawing pictures of birds. We are drawing three hands holding three birds. We are using crayons and markers. We just found out it will be graded and we all went a little quiet. We had lots of fun in art this week and we all did a great job from what I saw at least.

By: Madelyn Stien : )


In music this week we were playing games one game was the name game when we call someone's name and your name, another game is kinda like monopoly and the games were fun!Everybody was so funny with the name game because one time Zaid instead of Katie he said candy.

By: Luke


1-11 1-15 This week in P.E. we had a running day and did dancing. We did running for P.E. on Monday only. The rest of the days we did dance. The dances we did were the macarena, the electric slide, and a shuffle. Almost all of the girls in the class liked the dancing. Even some of the boys looked like they were having fun. We danced by ourselves.

Ivie Aschenbrenner


This week in reading we are reading the story push up the sky.We have spelling city that is due ever Firday and we most of the time we have 10 of them to due.This week we are going to have are marble party and it is going to be a electronic party and we get to have are pj’s on.This week we have to top banana Katie and Angel This week.


Katie Ferrara

Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

IN math we are doing desamales.We did a test on yesterday on math problems.We did a test on desamales.We did a test today in math about shapes and their sizes. By: Caleb

Math- Mrs. Busky

By Aidan Larson

In math we were doing our study guid a lot and there was a couple hard qustions and a couple easy.

The next day we finished our study guid and went over it.

The next day we had our test and it was easy and most people were done very fast. Then wonce we finished we got to play extra math, front row or prodigy.

By Aidan


Social Studies

In Social Studies we are learning different kinds of maps and how to read them.

Our last lesson was about Maps and regions.

We are learning also about the main five regions.

Social Studies is now so fun! By Ashley Santana


This week in writing we did a lot of cursive. We learned the letter “Z” in witch was my new years resolution. so I just complete a resolution. We learned many letters this week like the letter “V”.


Important Dates

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

E days- LIBRARY books due

January 15th- Midterms come home

January 18th- No School

February 1st- Yearbook orders due

Feb. 26th- Six Flags Due