PJA 3-8 News

September : NAS Field Experience Report

Special Report

This issue focuses on the recent Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Field Experiences of the students in Grades 3 through 8. Both real and imagined experiences may be published here in our effort to regale our readers with sensory stimuli. Enjoy.

Blue Angels

by I. Anderson

The air show at the Naval Air Station was truly an unforgettable escapade. As we were walking to join the show, we saw hundreds of people! I couldn’t help but notice the joy and excitement that showed on their faces; it was almost contagious. As the show began we saw the blue angels take off into the bright blue sky, igniting the crowd into vigorous yelps of exhilaration. Each time they passed by I felt the ground shake. The expert pilots kept the crowd captivated! Though each trick they did was extremely complicated, they made it look like second nature. If they had been off by as much as a millisecond the planes could have come falling out of the sky. The professionalism the pilots showed helped me learn that almost anything is possible if you work at it. The Naval Air Station was definitely one of the best field trips I've ever been on.

Happy Princess

S. Brohard

Yesterday, my class and I went to the Naval Air Station. We went to watch the Blue Angels. They were very fast and loud. Princess Mobley was happy, and I was too. They flew very close together. The Blue Angles were terrific.


by S. Lambert

This week third through eighth graders went to the Pensacola Lighthouse - the first field trip of 2014! As we walked into the gift shop we saw that almost everything said, “Pensacola Lighthouse.” Almost everyone wanted to go to the top of the lighthouse. Those people got a star stamp on their hand. We could hear the floor creak as we walked across the floor. The lighthouse was 150 years old so, I think it would creak. Jaiden, Nolan, and I counted the 177 steps on the way up. At the top we walked around the outside, holding onto the rusty, cold railings. Everything smelled salty like ocean water. On the way back to school Savannah shared her peanuts. They were salty, too. Everyone had a wonderful time, especially me.

Doorknob Agony

by B. Peterson

On September sixteenth, twenty-fourteen, my class went on a field trip to the Naval Air Station Museum. I accidentally slammed my arm on a random doorknob, the pain surged through my arm. I felt my arm throbbing and my cry of pain rang through the hallways. The big red spot on my arm was swelling to ten times its normal size and I repeated my shout of agony. As I woke from unconsciousness I heard my mom ask if I was okay while awed onlookers pled for my autograph. What an amazing feeling it was to be a celebrity! The sweet cake and ice cream reward for my painful experience tasted amazing. September sixteenth will be branded into my memory for the rest of my life.



Blues in the Heat

by J. Reyes

On September sixteen the third through eighth graders went on a spectacular field trip! We got to see, hear, and feel unbelievably cool things. We went to a Blue Angels’ show. A lot of people arrived to see the astounding show!! Shoulder to shoulder, head to toe, you could see everyone crushed against each other. The excruciatingly hot sun made matters worse. My skin melted!! Everyone talked and cheered resoundingly!! After all the waiting, the Blue Angels’ show finally began. They did an amazing job! They swept past us; left, right, up, and down. Whoosh!!! They twirled, dived, and perfectly lined up next to each other. Their engines roared!! By the end of the show, my ears were blocked up. Everyone wanted to leave because our shirts eventually soaked in sticky, stinky sweat. We all had a great time and I can’t wait to come back again!!


by M. Rushing

The walk on top of the lighthouse was an amazing experience. I felt the cold hand rails going up the stairs. As soon as I took one step out the door on top of the lighthouse, the wind hit me like a baseball bat. It almost blew me away, literally. Sprinkles of rain fell on my arm and stuck to my face. I saw an extraordinary sight over the railings. The rain clouds came close and the colors darkened by the minute. The trees swayed and the beach waves crashed. Far below people walked and waved hello. The wind blew too hard for anyone to hear, but the sound of thunder overpowered the wind. I’m glad I got to visit the lighthouse again.



by K. Lambert

On September sixteen, my class took a field trip to the Pensacola Lighthouse. In the gift shop, the red star that the cashier stamped on our hands, boasted with a cherry scent. Inside the house, the black, spiral stairs felt grimy. The air seemed stuffy and musty except for an occasional window that allowed an ocean breeze. I couldn't tell where we would stop until we climbed up about halfway. At the top of the lighthouse, the air smelled fresh and the space open. One instructor said that on a clear day you could see thirty-five to forty miles. The wind howled and pressed forcibly in different directions. All too soon, we had to go back to the dark, airless staircase. I created many amazing memories at the lighthouse.


by K. Brenson

The Naval Air Station was fun but the museum really was my favorite. The first thing I saw when I walked into the museum was the first plane made by the Wright Brothers. Aircraft carriers in nice spotless glass cases. Adults and kids everywhere behind and in front of us laughing with happiness. TVs were pretty much in every building and room. My inside feeling was happiness at being able to see the air force soldiers. After a while I tasted rain and my lunch. The museum was fun and I had a great time learning new things and I hope to go back and learn even more.


B. Algarin

The Blue Angels were great. The Blue Angels are fast. They were loud and close. They flew upside down. I had an amazing time.


J. McRaney

The Blue Angels are amazing. They are really loud. When they flew over us it scary. There were six planes. When they fly the have smoke streams. The Blue Angels are awesome.



Really, Really

P. Kelley

The Blue Angels are really, really fast. They are as fast as a speeding bullet. They scared us all, but not my mom. The show had six Blue Angels doing tricks in the sky. The six planes were the best! All the planes were really, really, really, loud. We all had an amazing and awesome time at the Blue Angels Show.