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December Newsletter for GCS Counselors, 2015

Merry and Bright!

It's that time of year where we start looking back over the past year and evaluate what went well and what didn't. Wouldn't it be nice if it were all MERRY and BRIGHT?!? The reality is that it is not, but sometimes at this time of year we like to gloss over the tough stuff and move to the next year with a positive outlook. What if we tried more of this all year? What if every month we took the time to look at all the good we do for our students and our schools and our community? I think counselors tend to be very hard on ourselves. We often focus more on what we are not doing for our students, or get stuck thinking about the students we are not reaching. We obsess over how our program is not RAMP ready, or how we can't get into the classrooms enough. This is what makes us hard workers and tough advocates for our students and our programs. It can also wear us down. This newsletter is the chance for us to spend a few moments seeing how each of us shines MERRY and BRIGHT throughout the year. Take a moment a appreciate what your co-counselors are doing in their schools, and give yourself a pat on the back for all you do at yours.

All I want for Christmas is....

I like to read the current version of Dear Abby. In the past it was a little wittier than it is now. I enjoyed the double entendres, and chuckled days later went something happened that reminded me of the things shared in her letter. Hold this thought until later. And now, to Christmas. So, what are the holidays about? Is it Christmas lights, gathering with family, gifts and giving, receiving gifts gracefully, the meal, carolers, the hot weather we are having now, or religious services? How about the homeless, needy families, middle-eastern conflicts, the presidential election candidates, global warming, or the latest on the Kardashians? Not trying to be a downer, but I tend to think about the people that are alone during the holidays, those in the hospital, the silent sufferers, people with mental health issues, and little kids. My brain continues on overload as I look at the increasing amount of trash on the highways, the North Carolina educational system, rude drivers, misbehaving children in restaurants, and cell phone users that ignore their family, other drivers, and the world around them, in general. Well, can we make a difference? I wonder. Then I remembered a recent Dear Abby column. A lady had shared all of the unhappiness she had experienced in the past. She loved the south and did not want to move north with her husband. She had lived up north for a while and she didn’t like it. She knew, even before she moved, that she was going to be unhappy again (even though that was a long time ago when she was much younger). Abby said it boiled down to allowing oneself to be happy. That she would be as happy as she chose to be. Maybe that is the answer for most of us. Saying thank you for that ugly Christmas sweater, looking at humor, not taking ourselves so seriously, and practicing every day to accept peace in our lives and not destroying the peace others have. This isn’t a once size fits all way of life, just a reminder to live in the moment some days. Happy Holidays!

~Thomas Blackmon

Belmont Middle Shares the Love

Several staff members at BMS have adopted students for Christmas. Their Sunday School classes, or families work to ensure that all our students will feel blessed on Christmas morning. Our student council has also adopted a student this year. The remaining students are adopted by community partners, such as Duke Energy and local banks. What a wonderful way to spread joy this holiday season!

Stanley Middle Food Drive

Stanley Middle School holds a food drive every year for the food pantry at First United Methodist Church in Stanley. This year, our school goal was to donate 3,000 food items. We are thrilled to share that our students and staff have donated 7,324 food items! We believe it is important for our students to understand the importance of giving back to our community and our community sure does help our students in many ways too. In October, our students also donated 777 bags of candy to the Stanley Total Living Center. The residents at the TLC hand out that candy to children in the community on Halloween. This is special because it's the highlight event of the year for those residents and we get a chance to make that day more special simply by giving. We are proud of the generous culture at Stanley Middle School!

~Stephanie Davis

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Career Cafe at WC Friday

Beth Miller is hosting Career Cafe opportunities for her students at WC Friday. She goes into the classroom and has the students complete an interest inventory and then they select several careers they would be interested in learning more about. Ms. Miller then uses that information to invite career professionals to come speak to selected students during their lunch period. She is hopeful the student will be able to attend at least 3 Career Cafes this school year. Above is a pic of students with Mr. Marcus Hyde and below is a pic of student with Senator Kathy Harrington.
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Shout Out to Bessemer City Central!

Our Student Council at Bessemer City Central collected 1098 canned items for the Bessemer City Crisis ministry. This is over double our previous high as a school. Very proud of our young people and our community in seeing a need and exceeding our goal.

~ Jason Allen

South Point is on Point!

South Point High School 1st period classes took on the challenge to collect as many canned food items as possible for the Belmont Community Organization. We ended up collecting over 1000 cans for the BCO! Thank you to the Interact Club and Chick-fil-a Leadership Club for co-sponsoring this event. Mr. Hamilton's and Mrs. Pearson's 1st period classes tied so they will receive a Chick-fil-a breakfast from the Belmont Chick-fil-a Restaurant.

South Point High School's Varsity Football Team made it all the way to the State Final play-offs. We are so proud of our Red Raiders for making it this far! Congratulations on a great season!

~Melissa Hambright

Educators in the Workplace

Jane Moses presented to the faculty at Belmont Middle School the interesting information she gathered from her experience with Educators in the Workplace. She then invited the Career Development Coordinators from South Point High School and Stuart Cramer High School to present to our 8th grade students. They gave an in-depth look at all the career class opportunities the students will have at those two school. Our students now have a better understanding of what is available to them when they register in the Spring.
Suicide Prevention Resources

The GCS Suicide Prevention Committee would like for you to remember our webite with lot's of valuable resources for suicide prevention in schools. Click on button to be directed to our When Not To Keep a Secret website.

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