John B. Watson

By. Kaylee Koch

Date of Birth & Death

Born: January 9, 1878

Died: September 25, 1958

Brief background info

Family: With his first wife, Mary Ikes, they had two children. Then, they got divorce and John got remarried with one of his graduate students Rosalie Rayner, and then he had two kids with her.

College: Johns Hopkins University, University of Chicago, and Furman University

Field of study: He study the psychology of behaviorism.

Fun facts: In 1915, he became the youngest president to be elected to the American Psychological Association.

Contribution to Psychology

John B. Watson contributions to psychology were looking at people external and outward behaviors. Watson believed that looking at people physical response gives him insights of their internal actions. Watson have contributed to many experiments proving his theory in child development and early learning, one of these experiments was the "Little Albert experiment".