Weddings On The Go

Mobile Wedding Company

We Come To You!

For couples who need help planning their dream wedding at the last-minute. Our amazing wedding planning team will roll into your town or city and help you plan the most beautiful wedding, working with your budget and time contraints. In three day's time they can pull off a wedding that looks like it took years of planning.

There are plenty of stresses when it comes to planning a wedding. Finding the right venue, picking the perfect gown, and getting all your wedding party on the same page can be a daunting task. That's why it's important to bring in our brilliant wedding team!

Our experts include:

Event Planner


Hair/Makeup Stylist


Our Planners Ride In Style!

Our Wedding Planning team will ride up in their own styled-out RV to any location in the U.S.A! Whether you live in Chicago, New York, or the smallest town in the mid-west, our team will find their way to you!

The Team can plan any sort of wedding for a variety of different people. Whether you are looking for a traditional church wedding, a family-style backyard reception, or a Star Trek-themed affair, our Team has got you covered!

Just like the team on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, our wedding planning team will come in and get cracking! If a couple has been struggling with seeing eye-to-eye on their wedding, or wedding jitters have gotten to them, our team can fix any scenario.

The Team Travels ANYWHERE!

From the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast, the Team will travel to any bride in need! Our Team will bring together locals from every city or town they visit to help bring this dream wedding a reality. If they are in Seattle, WA the caterer will find the best local seafood for the wedding, or if they are in a small town in Georgia the Team will find the best local flower shop to team up with the florist for the most devine wedding bouquets.

Bring In the Locals

Each week the Team will feature a new bride and groom and a new city or town in the U.S. Our Team is amazing, but they can't get everything done all by themselves. They will bring in local florists, decorators, and other experts from each location to help add to the flavor of the wedding. This is a great chance for local businesses and restaurants to be featured!