Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way! 1/15/16

20 Tips for a Positive New Year by Jon Gordon

2. Take a morning walk of gratitude. I call it a “Thank You Walk.” It will create a fertile mind ready for success.

Wednesday - Plan your future day - Wear NEON!

Early Release - Wednesday, 1/20

Please remind your parents that Wednesday is an early release day. I will send out a reminder tomorrow as well.

All staff will meet in the library for approximately 15 minutes at 1:00. I promise - it will be super brief!! After we finish, grade levels may plan together for the afternoon. 3rd and 4th grade ELAR teachers will be working together to go over the comprehension toolkit components, best practices, etc. Let's make it a great afternoon of planning for our 2nd semester!

Planning your Future Day Reminders . . .

We are looking forward to a great Planning your Future Day tomorrow! A few reminders are listed below:

  • Booklets will be in your boxes this afternoon
  • Due to a printing error - bracelets will probably arrive late. You will most likely not have them for tomorrow. Glow in the Dark bracelets coming soon!

Thank you all for making tomorrow an exciting and meaningful day for our students. If building achieving kids is our goal, we are going to experience some major progress as a district in January and February. Our kids (and staff) will learn a lot about themselves, hope, strengths, and the power of plan and purpose.

Closing the Achievement Gap with Values, Purpose, Strengths, and Relationships, the Wylie Way!!!

PLCs this week. . .

It is MOY testing season . . . . has anyone figured it out?? :) For K-2 PLC meetings this week, we gladly welcome Laura Moore to help us score our writing. Please have your writing pieces ready, so we can score as many as possible during our time together.

Upcoming Assessments

The window for TELPAS samples closes this week. You did a great job with the last collection! Please be timely with turning in your collection:)


G2 U3 1/21-1/22


G4 U4 DPA 1/19

Social Studies

G4 U4/5 1/19

Checkpoints are around the corner

Checkpoints are being printed and delivered to our campus. We ask that you treat checkpoint day like STAAR. Best practices are to pull small groups, maintain a testing environment, use the testing accommodations, etc.

We don’t take grades on checkpoints, but we will inform parents how their children performed. We are working on drafting a letter that you can send to parents.

Teachers will need to print their bubble sheets from Aware.

Thoughts From a Bulldog

We love the fantastic blog posts you have done this year! If you haven't kept up with it, check it out as there are FABULOUS ideas found throughout! Below you will find a link to the blogging calendar, just in case you have forgotten your date. Keep up the great work!!!

Blogging Calendar

Thoughts From a Bulldog Blog

Whitt's Blog (full of great reflections)

On the Calendar

1/18 - Staff and Student Holiday (with documented hours - see me if you have any questions)

1/20 - Planning your Future Day - Wear NEON

1/20 - Early Release Day - 12:30

1/22 - Bulldog Boogie

1/25 - #URLearning afterschool PD - 3:00 in computer lab

1/27 - Design Team Meeting

1/29 - House Meeting