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Follow a young traveler back in time to Ancient Europe

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About the Founder: J. Paul Getty

In 1914 Getty started working with his father in the family oil business, but when his father died he became the president of the Getty Oil Company .While his father was still alive they were very successful making lots of money but once his father did pass he made over $4 Billion dollars. Over the years he collected old and new pieces of art from Rome an Greece which can now be found in his 1st Century replica country house. His body id hurried on the grounds of the villa today. He lived from 1892-1976 Before his great success in the oil business, he went to school in Los Angeles, University of Southern California at Los Angeles, Berkley, and finally in 1914 at the age of 22 graduated from Oxford with a degree in politic science and economics.

Artifacts from Rome and Greece

So Much More

These are only a select few of the hundreds of pieces of art there is at the Getty Villa. Many exhibits come and go every year bringing something new to the plate every time. These are some of the basic things you would see if you wanted to explore the villa yourself. Happy Travels!

About the young traveler

Last Wednesday, the 27th, a young explorer by the name of Samantha Krumenacker, went on a long journey up to the City of Angels to visit the collections of ancient artifacts left for us by the late great oil man, John Paul Getty. She tells us she enjoyed all the different types of art and all the history behind it. "I look forward to learning more about these types of artifacts in my upcoming travels to both Rome and Greece this summer." said Samantha.