Labor movements/unions

By: IsabellaGlorioso

backround information

  • Labor union - an organized association of workers formed to protect and further their rights and interests
  • As the industrial revolution was introduced to the north, new machinery was introduced, these machines replaced handicrafts skills
  • as unions of angry workers evolved companies began to fear about their business, is gave the employees control
  • people protested for better working conditions and job security

  • Before Labor unions there was no voice in determining wages hours or conditions

  • Unions were formed so a bigger group could have a bigger say
  • people wanted to form unions for better wages hours and conditions

  • The unions with the most people are in construction, manufacturing, mining, and transportation industries
  • child labor began to be a big problem in the 1700s
  • Age 10- children were employed in mines & factories
  • children had long hours, small wages, and bad living conditions

information about the protest

  • As people saw the horrors of labor they began labor movements in usa around 18th century

  • 1820&1830 carpenters, masons, printers, aka skilled workers established organizations for better pay.

  • labor movements grew as industrialization accelerated after the Civil War

  • Labor movements improved peoples wages, shorter hours, living conditions, more benefits, and protection

  • Social reforms began child labor unions for children with no control, abuse, uneducated

effects of protest

  • 1802- British parliament passed the law regulating child labor

  • Children under 9 years of age could not work in cotton mills
  • children under 14 could not work at night
  • workday was limited to 12 hours
  • Germany passed the same law in 1839
  • the us federal also passed a law similar to this in 1918
  • 1869 the Knights of Labor was formed
  • This union included women and African Americans

  • Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was formed in 1904
  • National Labor Relations Act of 1935 – required people to bargain with unions
    • Labor union was more accepted in the 1930s

  • assesment question

    The participants of the labor movement demonstrated their belief system against unfair working conditions by forming unions. These unions consisted of big groups of people who stood up against big companies ,protesting for better working conditions. Eventually this movement caught the public eye and the government started to do something. Now the labor movement is a national protest that shows people standing up for what they believe in.