EBOLA an unknown disease


The people in the hospital are sick with Ebola, I feel bad for them. Natrally you are supposed to quarantine yourself for 21 days. people are figuring out that Ebola has no cure. Ebola also has many symtoms, also people are figuring out that it is spreading all the way to the United States from Africa.

The one thing that is new about Ebola is people are figuring out it is harder to get than they think, you actually have to get it in your eyes. Most people have been wondering what are the symtoms of Ebola. The symtoms of Ebola are high fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, sore throat, weakness, stomach pain, and lack of appetite.

The diseases most similar to Ebola are hemorrhagic fever, Marburg fever, lassa fever, and yellow fever. They all give you about the same symtoms. They may be different here and there but there all bad. The people in Dallas going to the hospital is a good thing cause the doctors can try to help and they could have infected more people. I know that Ebola is harder to get than people think and having this knoledge will make it harder for everyone else to get.


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