The Odds are NEVER on our side!

Stop the games! Save our children!

Down with Snow!

President snow has been the cause of Panem's pain and suffering. The Capital has been living off the oppression of all the districts because of this abominable man! It is time for us to arise and take ownership of our destinies! We must take this chance that we are given by the chief game maker who has ruined the games for the sake of the people of Panem. We cannot just sit by idly and watch the government beat down on us!

In the Districts

We are the Rebellion

Join the resistance against the evil, exploitative government and seize this chance to change Panem's destiny.

Storm the Capitol

Sunday, March 23rd, 8am

Victory Square, The Capital, Panem

People from all districts are going to go to the capitol to protest. If necessary we will use force to take buildings for cover. This will disrupt them and make them notice us. We will take the fight to them and use brute force of majority to overwhelm. We are also hoping to get the citizens of Panem on our side so that Snow has nobody on his side except the military.