Skin care is often related to women. How about men? Do they also give full attention in skin care? What men says about caring their skin? Are they much meticulous than women? Well, as far as I have observed, only a few number of men are giving full attention with regards to their skin. You know, when we say “men” or “boy” or “gentlemen”, the things that come to our mind are dark color, tiger look, messy, especially those who are working with what they are called blue-collar jobs. That comprise men’s outward looks. But when we talk about those men who work with white-collar jobs, the things that come to our mind are clean-look, boy-next-door type, tall, dark and handsome, well-combed hair with gel or any hair application, always wearing men’s perfume or cologne, etc. Actors, singers, performers, artists, however, have also different characteristics as a whole. I can say that they are the most detailed men when it comes in skin care. You know why?

Of course, they have to maintain their good looks and healthy skin just to keep themselves always on the limelight. Maybe some of them also have rituals or routines in caring for their skin. They are always have their regular shaving moment everyday to keep their face smooth. They are also visible in some commercials and advertisements especially those who are dealing with men’s facial wash, men’s facial cleanser, etc. That’s why they have to be careful in attending to their skin’s need, and they have to maintain it to the maximum level, or else, their career will get stagnant.

I know a man in particular who always wear or apply facial cream. One time, he faced the mirror and applied his favorite facial cream. A six-year old boy suddenly asked him, “Are you a girl?”, he replied also with a question, “Why?”, then the boy answered, “Because my mom always do that, and I’ve never seen my dad doing that, is that for boys also?”, of course, this man answered, “I want my face looks clean and smooth, but I am not a girl”.

We can see here that proper caring of the skin is always related to a woman. But for me, giving quality time and proper skin care may be done its either of men or women. As a person who really cares for her or his skin, gender is not really a big issue. If you are a person who wants to maintain good skin, you will do everything just to achieve it. Men can do this too. Men in general hates long routines or rituals. Maybe they have their own way in keeping their skin and healthy. Well, keeping themselves in proper shape is quite more easier than keeping their skin healthy. They just do the exercise, body building, gym, jogging, etc. But I have no idea on how they keep their skin healthy. But you see, if your body is healthy, it will reflect on your skin. Maybe some of them believe it, that’s why, they are more concerned in keeping themselves healthy because it will gradually and visibly reflected on their skin.

Natural Skin & Hair Care : Tips for Achieving a Fair Complexion