Booth Bookies

6th-8th Grade Book Club


Do you love to read and want to read books that students around the world are reading? Do you want to help others develop a love of reading, too? Join BOOK CLUB!

YOU choose the books we read!

YOU discuss with peers at Booth and AROUND THE WORLD!

YOU decide how we can better promote literacy in our homes, school, and community!

Meeting Time: Thursdays during lunch

Pick up an application from Ms. Sirach today!

Literacy Awareness Activities


To get others involved in reading, our club will be participating in many literacy activities! Our big project for the year will be to create a LITTLE FREE LIBRARY in Enfield! Other projects include:

  • Reading books to children
  • Reading books to adults
  • Donating books
  • Making a book recommendation on the morning announcements
  • Creating book recommendation advertisements for the school
  • Creating book trailers/multimedia projects
  • Visiting public libraries
  • Volunteering at local literacy events (libraries, book fairs, etc.)