Monthly Mailer

Hello People! What's up!

So far..

We have achieved 0-0-2

Sad right?

It's Ok peeps! We will prove ourselves this month! Yes?


We haven't achieved out targets! But still there are few people who worked their ass off!

Geethanjali! :D

What's up for next month?

Nothing much! Just 15 matches :D

I know we will achieve this for sure :)


Simple! EXPA Applications.

CONVERT THE PIPELINES and we are sorted!

How to Convert?

You people are trained, but still there is something going wrong!

We will sort it out today :D

When and where?

Skype at 10 pm :)

Its Skype and not hangouts.

If you have problems attending, CALL me as soon as you see this mailer.

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