Bang Bang Fireworks

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Actuary Needed!!!

Description of Firework Actuary:

-Salary- $80,000-$110,000

  • Find the probability of how many fireworks are going to sell each month
  • Find the probability of how many fireworks will work correctly
  • Find the probability of how many injuries our fireworks will
  • Find the total amount of income our company will bring in
  • Find the total amount of taxes that will be taken out of our income
  • Find the rate of our insurance based on the liability of our customers
  • Find the proper price for each firework that is high enough to bring in an income
  • Find how much each type of firework brings in
  • Fin what fireworks are most popular and find how much of that firework we need to purchase to have enough on stock
  • Find how much our employees should be paid
  • Find the percent of people that live in South Carolina and the percent of people who do not live in South Carolina

Items That Pack a Punch!

Come and Work at our Shop!

Benefits of Working For Bang Bang:

  • Free Fireworks at the end of every month
  • 1,000 dollars to spend on fireworks for the Forth of July
  • Casual suit and tie!
  • Benefits included (health care, eye insurance, ect.)
  • State of the Art facility
  • Bonuses on Major Holidays
  • 40 hour work week
  • Retirement fund
  • Paid vacation
  • So overall all this place is awesome!!!

Largest and Greatest Firework Distributor on the Myrtle Beach Coast

Our purpose is to the largest and loudest fireworks into your customers hands.

Largest Selection around

Do care where you are from, fireworks are available to everyone who is over 18

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