Soccer Blurb


How to Play Soccer

Have you ever played soccer before?Well it’s your lucky day, this book will tell you how to play ,and what kind of training you need. One cool fact is that you can play soccer in the rain, snow,and sun. Did you know that you can't always count on safety because you can get some bad injuries?You can break a leg or even break your arm that is why you need to wear to gear that they tell you to wear. This book will tell you some history and famous players broke big records which people thought they couldn’t. It will tell you positions like forward, midfielder and defender. The hardest position is goalie. This book will tell you about the definition of soccer, like how to play or where to play. There is a lot of equipment that you have to wear. Did you know that there is another form of soccer called fotsal? You play on a gym floor and it is harder to play. It is hard to play because the ball is very small and a bit harder to do moves. I hope you like this book, and someday you will start to play this great sport.

Playing Soccer is Fun