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Mutts and Perfect poochies

Do you ever wonder about a man's best friend? There are many kinds of dogs in our community. You can chose a mixed or purebred from a shelter or a breeder.

Mixedbreed and Purebreed health

Most people say purebreeds are the best. The truth is , they're prone to many health issues;because of this they live up to 12 years.Unlike these perfect poochies, mutts save you money on vet bills.They also live longer and have healthier lives.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

What people don't know are the benefits and disadvantages of owning either one of these 4-legged animals.Adopting a shelter could mean decreasing population of strays running around. Buying a breeder's is just wasting hundreds maybe thousands of dollars.Mutts can have a hard time being trained while purebreeds fly by with training.


In the end, you have many friends to look at in any city.Mutts live to their lifes to the fullest.As for the 4-legged animals that have pedigrees, they live for a short amount of time.