Our Class News

December 11, 2014

This Week

We've had a rough time following directions this week, I imagine Freddy has talked Santa's ear off each evening at the North Pole! Speaking of Freddy, someone touched him and he lost his Christmas magic, so we had to research how to help him get his magic back today. Who knew cinnamon was like vitamins for elves? ;)

In language we focused on author's purpose for writing books. We read a couple of informational books and discussed why the author would write those (to teach us about something) and then we read some just for fun books and discussed why and author might write those. Ask your child to tell you about the stories Snowmen and Night and Snowmen and Christmas.

In math we are still learning about addition and subtraction.

In social studies we are doing Christmas around the world activities. Each day we "travel" to a different country. We put a flag sticker in our passport and make something related to the traditions in that country. We discuss similarities and differences between our traditions and theirs.

Our habit for this week is Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw. We learned that it is important to take care of ourselves by getting enough rest and exercise and having a balance in the things we do.

This week was Computer Science Education Week so we participated in the One Hour of Code. We learned about programming as a job and what it means to program (basically giving a computer step by step instructions). We played an app called Kodable to learn the basics of coding. The kids continue to use the app during free choice centers, they will be programmers before you know it!

Tonight's Program

The students should meet me at the music room (near the cafeteria/ front door - they know the way) at 5:25 then you can go find a good seat to watch. We will perform at 5:35 and then the students will be dismissed from the stage. Please be patient and also let me know when you take your child so I can make sure everyone gets to the appropriate place. :) Thanks!

After the performance take your child to a couple of the stations to engage in fun math and science activities. I will be at the peppermint slime station. Hope to see you there!


  • PTO Meeting 12/ 11 5:00
  • Math & Science Night with Program 12/11 5:30-7:00 (our class performs at 5:30)
  • DRA Testing 12/12 (reading level) - I'll have a sub
  • Early Release 12/19 12:00
  • Christmas Breakfast Party 12/19 8:30-10ish Awards immediately after party

The last week of school before break we are dressing up in holiday attire.

Monday 12/15 - Holiday Head Gear

Tuesday 12/16 - Holiday Neck-wear

Wednesday 12/16 - Holiday Socks

Thursday 12/18 - Holiday Slippers

Friday 12/19 - Holiday Sweater (we are going to do pj's this day instead for our party)

Mrs. Hoelscher's contact information

My conference time is 1:10-1:55

The school number is below, but feel free to text or call me at (512)426-6190 when something important comes up.

Things we've learned so far...

You can reinforce these things at home for review.


Letters (to identify, name the sound & write)

We've learned all letters

Sight words (read & write/spell)

like I the a and see can we to yes no come me with my

Decoding strategies (figuring out unknown words)

point to the words

use picture clues

sound out the word

beginning sound and what makes sense




events in a story (B/M/E)


author's purpose

author's group information in ways to help us understand (informational texts)

making connections to something in the story or another story read


Numbers (identify, build & write) 0-15

Comparing numbers 0-10

Sorting & organizing data

creating graphs

addition/ subtraction

Social Studies

  • why people work
  • needs vs. wants
  • why we have rules
  • community helpers
  • Verteran's Day


  • science tools/ lab safety
  • hand-washing/ germs
  • recycling
  • 5 senses
  • force & motion
  • magnets
  • properties of matter
Snowmen at Christmas