My Power

by Harman

sexual violence

we organized a club named MY POWER in this club we are going to discuss how to promote girls girls to fight for their justice. So the club goal will be just to those girls that fight for justice because everyone have right to speak and right to fight for their justice. People should share their views on their blogs or by any other source. i think by doing this sexual assalt cases will be going down by day by day.

My Power

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 11am

Rick Hansen Secondary School, Dream Crest Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada (legacy room)

In this club we will have a meeting and everyone will give their own opnion that how can we stop sexual violence. We can stop sexual violence by protesting or by doing some skits or some speach in different - different places.

Positive affects

We will have meeting on every friday that just to make sure that everything is going good and everything is on right track. By doing campagin , protests , skits and speaches at differnt different places . I am sure that some people will come out and share their problems. If some people statred coming out and started telling their opninon and i m sure slowly - slowly everyone will come out and will shre their problem as everyone have right to speak and fight for fustice.