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Love is in the air....

We have had a super two weeks. 100th day of school was fun to see!

Wasn't the Chinese New Year parade with PK3 just the best. Terrific teaching, outstanding teachers, cultural diversity, kids smiling, kids supporting each other is why I do this job. It reminded me how special Boone is!

Literacy Night was a huge success. Thank you Erin, Betsy and Michelle. It was fun to see kids reading to each other, playing "book walk" and making valentines, and on and on. Thank you to everyone who helped with the night with reading, helping with Valentines, passing out free books, and reading.

If you have not already, go ahead and pass out your Marathon Kids t-shirts. Track and Field was moved back to March 11th.

Great news-We got notified Wednesday we were given a 5th fourth grade teacher. So yea, 5 fourth grade teachers next year. Data sure works to change minds. Thank you to everyone for working so hard to get the commitment forms back. That makes such a huge!

Thank you to Mike to sharing health and brain break and WOW information. Thank you Stephanie for sharing technology information. And thanks to Meg for SEL for us.

Thank you for all of you who sent in Valentine cards. We were able to send so many off for our veterans.

Thank you for everyone supporting Wear Red Week and wearing red on Friday.

Kindness Matters Week continues on. Thanks for wearing jammies, dressing up as super heroes and wearing blue today.



Feb 11 5th MOY math benchmark
Feb 11 Progress reports go home
Feb 11 Thinking Thursday
Feb 12 Parent coffee?
Feb 12 TGIF
Feb 15 No Meetings Week
Feb 16 No ARD/CST meetings
Feb 16 DAC meeting for Kathy and Beth Ann
Feb 17 Principal meeting for Kathy
Feb 17 GAP group 3-4
Feb 18 Paul's birthday
Feb 18 MINDPop visit 10-11:15
Feb 19 CVT 9-10:30
Feb 19 Second Grade Field Trip 9:30
Feb 19 Volleyball practice
Feb 20 Mike's birthday
Feb 21 Stacey's birthday
Feb 22 Faculty meeting
Feb 22 Art Fundraiser Ends
Feb 23 AAPSA 8:15-9:15
Feb 23 ARD meetings
Feb 23 MINDPop visit 11-12:15
Feb 23 Universal Screener meeting PK-5
Feb 24 CLI leadership meeting-if needed
Feb 25 Spring Pictures
Feb 25 Thinking Thursdays
Feb 25 TELPAS training-library closed
Feb 25 CAC meeting
Feb 25 4th grade music program
Feb 26 4th grade morning assembly
Feb 26 GT portfolio materials due to Kathy
Feb 26 Staff Luncheon
Feb 26 TGIF
Feb 26 Volleyball practice