The Mysterious Case Of the

Allbright Academy

By Diane Stanley

Presented By Rebecca Day

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  • The theme of the story is that you should never be to curious in your life because otherwise you would never get anywhere in life. Because in the story the main character never gave up on the herself.
  • Another theme is that you should never give up on life in if it does get tough and you have no idea what you are doing you should keep on going.

The point of View is 1st Person

The point of view Franny's point of view. which means that Franny is the main character of the story

A Physical Appearance is Franny

  • Nice
  • caring to all of her friends
  • Brave

Another Physical Appearance is Zoe

  • Smart
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Caring
  • Very Brave
  • Standing up for a friend or a sister or brother all of the time.

Some Dialogue

"Excuse me," Mom said. "Did you say cottages?"

"I know." Alison Treated us

Figurative Language

  • He doesn't seem like your average Allbright student. it is leading up to the rising action and telling you that something might happen
  • Silent white still, It tells the setting of the rising action