One in a million

By:Alexzndra Anderson (:

How can one can impact many?

One person can impact by many by speaking out, and having strength, and also having courage.

How Martin Luther King Jr impacted many by just speaking out

Speaking out and talking to the public is important is because your speaking out and saying whats on your mind and your telling them what you think about that situation. Next another reason why its important is because some people agree with the situation that your trying to fix. Next the crowd also has to big also because so the situation will get out there and spend more. Like Martin Luther King Jr. he spoke his mind about the racism and criticism so many people agree with him. Then just speaking out about his speech that he wrote impact so many people.

Malala stand up for what was right by having strength

She stood up for what she believed in was by she got injured and all she wanted was education. She stood up by going to school everyday even though it was wrong for girls to go to school. She wanted it so bad she wanted to be educated that she risked her life just to go to school and learn. Next she started to get notice and started to be on tv and she told the whole world what was her problem. Then she even wrote a whole book about what she believed in and that she wanted education.

How Bessie Coleman change the world by having courage

Bessie Coleman change the world by letting women fly airplane. She did that by having courage. She didn't care what people thought and cared about she just did what had to be done and what was right. Bessie had some racism and crises along the way but that didn't stop her she kept on doing what she loved. Just by having courage and for believing in her self. Next she wanted to build a flying school with no racism because to her color didn't matter.