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Jumping into Success

Ski Jumping

Many might not know but, there are multiple techniques in the art of ski jumping. Different sections of the technique also leads to a safe and successful jump and landing. The v-technique and the parallel techniques are the two most common and well know in the world of ski jumping.

The v-technique was pioneered by a Swedish man, in 1985, by the name of Jan Boklov. The v was designed to exceed the take off distance by ten percent compared to the previous parallel technique.

Team USA Olympic Member

Nick Alexander

Nick Alexander grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Alexander's neighbors and community members supported him all the way through both his attendances at the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic games.
UOP Ski Jump Opening 2013
Alexander wanted to ski jump from early age

Nicholas Alexander's Journey

During Nicholas' journey through the 2014 Olympics he has tried extremely hard and competed to the best of his abilities. Alexander hasn't received any medals during his time in Sochi but he has came very close each time he competed. On February 17th, 2014 he was ranked 10th which is a personal best this year since he was ranking 30th-40th during his time at the Olympics.