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Come To Great Minnesota

5 Things to Know About Minnesota

1.The Mississippi river is the largest river in our great country originates from our state 2.Big Stone lake is the starting point of the great Mississippi 3. Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes all great for fishing 4. St.Paul used to be known as Pig's Eye Landing 5. The first public school teacher in Minnesota was Harriet Bishop

Red Wing

Red Wing is a very important place because it's the leading producer of wheat in Minnesota. It is also a good destination for immigrants because it has a large population of immigrants from for example from Sweden.

Before you ask why should you go to Minnesota ask why shouldn't you

Our Governer Alexander Ramsey

Alexander Ramsey is very important because he was the first territorial governor. He is also important because he helped negotiate treaties with the Native Americans. He was a very influential person in the state and territory of Minnesota.

How to Travel To Minnesota

I feel the best way to travel to Minnesota would be to travel by stagecoach to Galena,Illinois then get on a steamboat to St.Paul. I think this way is the fastest because on a steamboat from Galena,Illinois to St.Paul Minnesota takes 2 days compared to a longer trip by stagecoach.
MINNESOTA! It smelled like raspberries and sunlight and tender grass. It was summer,and everything was more beautiful than any picture I have ever carried with me-Ann Patchett