The New Deal

By: Ryan Murr and Luke Swank

What it Will Do

There are many new goals in the 1930s. Some of these goals are about agricultural, Civil works, Social Security, and more. These topics are areas to create jobs during the depression. These jobs are needed because many people lost their jobs recently. These all are trying to pull together, to pull the country out of the Great Depression.

Agriculture Adjustment Act

We have new laws about agriculture. The Agriculture adjustment act ( or AAA ) has changed many policies about agriculture. It is a law that is supposed stop the large amount of crop growth. The purpose of this is to raise crop prices. This is done by not growing crops on all farm land, just some.

Tennessee Valley Authority

This is an act passed by president Roosevelt in 1933. It has provided jobs that take care of the Valley. These jobs included preventing flood, providing electricity, and more. It also will be made to help businesses and farming in the Valley. One of the goals is to improve transportation. The valley will be taken care of much better.

Civilian Conservation Corp

This is going to be made for men from ages of 17-28 to have jobs. These men are mostly unmarried and unemployed in the work force. These jobs are for unskilled men who are good at manual labor. These jobs are made to preserve and maintain natural resources. The jobs will be very popular during the great depression, because it provides work and pay for the unemployed.

Civil Works Administration

This is a short job created program. This could created more manual labor jobs during the great depression. These are temporary jobs that were created in 1933-1934 during winter. These jobs are mostly in construction along bridges and buildings. These jobs are needed by many people during The Great Depression.

National Recovery Administration

The National Recovery Administration act will help the business sector of the economy recover, thus creating jobs. The NRA is dedicated to creating and promoting fair business practices for both the company and the workers. The NRA will set standards for wage, maximum work hours, production and the price at which to sell the products. These standards will allow companies to make money again and hire employees and pay them fairly. The NRA will also allow workers to unionize.
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Workers Progress Administration

The WPA will provide jobs to currently unemployed people. Their jobs federally sponsored public work projects. Such projects include fixing and building highways and building public buildings. The WPA will also support unemployed people of the arts. The federal government will sponsor plays, art projects on literary works. To prevent the WPA from competing with private business it will set its own wages and focus on public works.

Social Security Act

The SSA will provide pensions to the elderly after they have to retired to minimize the threat of poverty. The SSA will do more than just provide financial support to the elderly it will provide payments to the unemployed as part of unemployment insurance. The act also will provide benefits to victims of industry accidents. Benefits will will also be given to the disabled, maternity and child welfare, as well as benefits to dependent and disabled Children. The funds for the act will come from individual and payroll taxes.

Home Owners Loan Corporation

HOLC will help people who are looking for homes loans, and those who are facing foreclosure. It will provide a mortgage of up to 80% of the value of the house. This program is aimed at helping the lower middle class. To help make mortgages more affordable to prevent foreclosures the HOLC offer long term mortgages of up to 25 years, and will be offered at a 5% interest rate. The mortgages will be insured through the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.

Support the New Deal

The New Deal is really going to help the depressed economy. First of all it’s going to reform the banking system so another depression won’t again. Secondly it’s going to create jobs for millions of people, helping them get back on their feet and provide for their families again. These jobs aren’t just busy work, just to make work, it is work that will build public works that will provide for the whole country. The New Deal will also provide support to Farmers to raise grain prices and help them to get out of debt. Government mortgages are also part of the New Deal, helping lower middle class families buy houses with low interest rates over an extended period of time. Social welfare and financial security for the retired is also a part of the New Deal. Tell Congress to pass the New Deal, saving America.