Food Groups Project

What should you eat?

Part 1:

Identify the food group: What are the daily serving requirements? Make sure that you include each age group that would be considered middle school (11 – 13). Also give examples of serving sizes for the foods in your group. (4-6 sentences or bullet points)

Part 2:

Identify the nutrients and health benefits associated with your food group. Find the most important information for your consumer. What disease prevention benefits are associated with the food in your group. List specifics about the nutrients found in this group and the specific foods. Also list the specific foods that offer health benefits to your audience.

Part 3:

Explain tips for choosing the best foods from your group. Give an explanation of ideas and ways that your consumer can include your group in their daily routine. You can use the QR code below to access the CDC website recommendations too. (You must give at least 3 examples)

Part 4:

Explain the “So, What?” of your advertisement. So, what? Who cares? Why does it matter? What is the importance of choosing healthier foods? Use very creative words to gain the reader’s attention. Your goal is to advertise and advocate for your food group! Do this by using catchy, creative phrases and eye catching visuals.


All good advertisements are easy to read with visuals and words that POP off the page and catch your eyes!! Make sure your advertisement grabs the people because our world is in major need of your help to save children and young adults from obesity!