SilverSkeans Weekly Update

Week of Oct. 5th- Oct. 8th


This week we worked hard on types of conflict, and we rocked it! The students are amazing at identifying the conflict and what the character is feeling in a story. We discussed the protagonist (main character or good guy) and the antagonist (the character responsible for the creating a problem for the main character).


We are mastering different ways to multiply large numbers. Students have explored using arrays (the box method), break apart, the standard algorithm among other ways. We are encouraging the students to use whichever method works for them at this time. We will be moving towards mastery in the algorithm by the end of fifth grade. Please support your child as they choose the method that seems developmentally appropriate for them at this time.

We will be moving into work with the Order of Operations this week!

Please send Interims back signed!


We have begun to test solutions for their level of concentration. Last week we saturated a solution with salt. This week we will saturate a solution with citric acid. Then we will create crystals to see how different materials differ in their composition.

Social Studies

Last week we took a formative on the First Ten Amendments, we really have some experts and future lawyers on our hands!

We will begin looking at how the rights we are afforded are limited in certain situations.

SLE Indoor Yardsale

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 8am-12pm

200 East Cochran Street

Middletown, DE