Online Meet Stella and Dot

....from the comfort of home!

The Details!

I am going to host an online MSD on Monday the 18th at 8:30 pm! Ask to join the event: Southern Charms Meet Stella and Dot-January 18th and then you can invite your guests!

What is an Online Meet Stella & Dot Opportunity Event?

An online Meet Stella & Dot is essentially a facebook chat where guests are added to a private event. The event lasts for 5-7 days, with a live chat in the middle.

I will handle the following:

In the time leading up, videos and PDF’s are posted. The live chat lasts approximately 20-30 minutes with Q&A, and then a follow up thank you is posted after.

What you can do:

Invite potential Stylists

1. Build a List of “warm” potentials:

a. Those you have spoken to before, for whom the timing was not right

b. Repeat Hostesses

c. Repeat Customers

d. Friends you know would love it!

e. Social Media contacts who know what you do

2. Invite them to our Virtual Chat Facebook Event:

Say" Hi Amy! I would love to invite you to listen in on an online group chat about being a Stella & Dot Stylist. You might think I am crazy but I think you would make an amazing stylist– it is a great flexible way for you to earn some extra income and it could be really fun for you! There will be a few videos posted over the next few days, and an open Q&A going on next Monday the 18th AT 8:30PM EST so you can just observe –or ask anything you may have secretly wondered. Simply let me know, and I’ll have you added to our by-invitation-only event. I hope you can join! We are having a special this month....$199 for $450 in free accessories and as much as you want half off.

3. Remind them the day before:

Hi Mel – I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder about tomorrow’s Facebook group chat on the Southern Charms Meet Stella and Dot-January 18th event at 8:30 pm. I’ll see you in there – and I’ll message you while it’s happening! Talk to you then!

Aren't you excited???

This is the biggest sponsoring month of the year! Invite all of your friends on fb near and never know who will say yes. Private message, text or email them first to make sure that they want to be included. Then you can invite them through the event. The event is called Southern Charms Meet Stella and Dot-January 18th. XO, Kelly