Create beautiful tutorials with the tap of your finger

What is the ShowMe App?

It's a FREE App that allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. Drop a photo from your photo library to write over it. Erase and redraw! It can be long or short, upload to the ShowMe community, keep private or share publicly.

Why is this app ShowMe amazing? Here are 10 reasons!

1. It is a free app, as educators we need that.

2. Once you create an account there are numerous already created tutorials’ in the ShowMe community.

3. You can create videos for your “flipped classroom”.

4. It is so easy to use; 1st graders were able to use it.

5. Great way for teachers to assess student’s knowledge.

6. You can change the background from the whiteboard to a map (or any background) and use it to enhance your lesson.

7. Can be used for any subject (Ex. Math-how to add fractions).

8. Receive information through visuals as well as audio.

9. Can be shared easily by embedding it into your website or sending a link to email, Facebook or Twitter.

10. Videos can be as long or as short as you want them to be. Students can learn how to use the application in just a few minutes.

What teachers are saying about ShowMe...

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