Purple Monkey Machine

*Safe for monkeys*

-"You'll feel more alive if you buy the Purple Monkey Machine!"

-"You'll be cooler than the others, if you buy this product!"


Step 1

Place the monkey into the glass cage.

Step 2

The spray paint sprays the monkey.

Step 3

Take the monkey out, using gloves.

Step 4

You got yourself a purple monkey! ^.^

You'll be cooler than the others, if you buy this product!"

What the spray paint contain?

The spray paint is non-toxic so no harm will be done to your monkey! Your monkeys will be permanently purple, because of the spray paints. But it's worth it! The spray paint is made, when you take very warm water, later we take a gallon of purple paint. Then we mix it up, using a very expensive and big blender! It then goes through a tube where the wet paint goes into the spray paint bottle!

Now a word from our owners/creaters!

-"This machine made my monkeys chill!"

-Anthony Smith; Founder/Designer

-"It made my stuff animal monkeys cool looking!"

-Jacob Franz; Co-Founder/Co-Designer

Even he uses this purple monkey machine to make himself good looking for the ladies! ^.^