GCA National Honor Society News

Dedicated scholars meet the 2nd wed of every month at 4pm

Hello NHS!

This is your secretary Alma Morgan speaking

Instead of an online meeting, plan to attend the National Honor Society induction ceremony next month! [More info below]

Reminder: We have a new Study Island Class to track NHS membership and attendance :)

Codename: Test Stress Reduction!

It's testing week and that means anxiety is wreaking havoc on the minds of our students and teachers. Fitful sleep patterns, feelings of impending doom: what ever can be done to combat this evil?

Never fear! The NHS is here!

This month, GCA's National Honor Society is on a mission to terminate test stress!

We need YOU, skillful agent, to come up with as many stress management techniques as possible! Compile them all in a document or a flyer, and submit it to your NHS folder. Don't forget to share them with your teachers and students in Class Connect sessions.

Side-note: Our talent show is coming up on May 20th @ 3:30pm; make sure your classmates know so they can come see GCA's outstanding talent!

The Induction Ceremony

As the school year heads towards its end, so does our time serving in the NHS for the summer.

One of the last things we have to do, however, is thank and officiate our incredible members. The induction ceremony into the National Honor Society is coming up this May! Those who have met the NHS requirements will be brought up on stage to receive a certificate and pin of the NHS emblem to commend them on the amazing contributions they've made to this school and our community! It will be held 9am May 13th at Piedmond Park, Atlanta, GA. Plan to attend so you may be honored. :)
If you can't make it, your certificate and emblem will be sent out to you!

On behalf of all students at GCA and to the communities you've reached out to, THANK YOU.

ATTENTION: You must attend 5 NHS meetings a year per the NHS bylaws.

All of our meetings are important and your LIVE attendance is needed.

Why? Everyone must participate in order for NHS to be beneficial to all members.

If you have to miss a meeting here is what you need to do:

  • Kmail Leslie Clark as soon as you know you have to miss
  • Watch the recording
  • Complete your “Missed Meeting Assignment”

If you miss a NHS meeting and want to continue to be a part NHS, you must tutor a GCA student on any topic for 1 hour. If you need help finding someone to tutor, Mrs. Clark will assist you.

Please fill out this survey for tutoring: http://goo.gl/forms/1Gyi5ZHHCh

Everyone needs to fill it out so we know what subjects you are prepared to tutor in in case you must miss a meeting.

NHS Resource Symbaloo

Here is the link to our Symbaloo: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/gca-nhs

Please check weekly for updates. You can find all of our bylaws, policies, meeting recordings, newsletters, and our meeting room link there.

Here is the recording from our Open Office on Monday (It will get you up to speed on everything that's happening in May!): https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/jwsdetect/playback.jnlp?psid=2015-05-04.1149.M.A092DAEB498BCE38E362A426450EB8.vcr&sid=559

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you have any questions about your NHS folder, contact our Vice President Yasmine Hammond by sending an email to gcanationalhonorssociety@gmail.com.

In any other case, call or Kmail our NHS Sponsor Leslie Clark!

404-334-4790 x 525